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Honey and stinging nettles syrup

Honey and stinging nettles syrup

This syrup made with honey and nettles has lots of healthy benefits. Here you can find all about “Stinging nettles” and how healthy they are.

When you use it for cooking you collect only the part that is not in the soil, but, for medical reasons, you will collect the whole plant: leaves, flowers, seeds and roots, because all the parts have therapeutic proprieties. When you combine honey and nettles you get a very healthy mix – this amazing syrup.

It helps your heart and kidneys, your digestive system, rheumatism, etc. It is also good for your skin and hair.


  • 40 – 50 fresh nettles cut in small pieces
  • 200 – 250 g honey


Put the nettles in a jar. Fill it 75%. Pour the honey on top of the nettles till the jar is full. For 30 days stir the mix daily.

Filter the mix and keep it in the fridge.  Take everyday a teaspoon. You can add it on top of pancakes or in your tea.


Honey and stinging nettles syrup

31 thoughts on “Honey and stinging nettles syrup

  1. Stinging nettles really are a great nutritional gem, and the tea is wonderful. I like using them because I get a sort of revenge for all the times I’ve been “stung” while weeding! Lovely photographs!

  2. Fascinating! And to think, I look past nettles all the time. Who knew they had such benefits?

    Well, you did, obviously, and now, after reading your article, the rest of us do too!

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