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Long time ago I discovered what makes me happy. It took me some years but I finally get it. You are responsible for your own happiness. You choose what makes you happy. My happiness is so easy to get: family, travel, photography, relaxation and other small things. Today I am gone show you a few activities I enjoy doing with my family.

A walk in the forest – foraging mushrooms



Painted background for food photography


Picking apples


Let him take photos for your blog


Traditional wine making process



I would love to hear about your family activities. Have fun!




77 thoughts on “Family activities

  1. Those look fun! Something my family did when I was a kid and now I have done with my kids and grandkids is to make apple cider. My dad build a press when he was in high school and it still survives to this day, so we save milk jugs and then in the fall pick apples and pears. We make a day of pressing the fruit and filling jugs. Then into the freezer they go so we can enjoy it all year round! Good memories for sure.

  2. I am a great believer in this theory of creating your own happiness. Another way of saying this would be “Don’t make others responsible for your happiness”.
    great to see you making your own happiness with your family.
    It is also good to see that your family fun time does not involve any screen use.

  3. So fun! We like to read and bake. We also sing together, which is kind of unusual in the U.S. At Christmas, we either have a carol sing-a-long around the piano or take our “show” on the road with friends to carol.

  4. Super cute! My husband and I don’t have kids of our own yet, but we love spending time together because work takes us apart. We enjoy cooking together, watching movies on the couch, walking around the park and shops, spending time with each other’s friends and families, etc.. When we have kids though, I know my husband will want to give them lots of love, attention, and memories 🙂

  5. Happy loving memories is what stays with us ,and what we can give to our children . God bless your family

  6. Love how you say ‘My happiness is so easy to get: family, travel, photography, relaxation and other small things.’ And your son is blessed, too, far into the future because of this.

    Reading, Sudoku, cross-stitch, bikram yoga, go on motorcycle ride with boyfriend and little travel adventures close and far.

  7. Brilliant ideas! When my children were younger, around November time, we would always make salt dough Christmas decorations. I just reminded them that they couldn’t lick the bowl after making the salt dough.
    I still hang these on my Christmas tree every year.

  8. Such a cute post… simple and lovely. I love spending those days and moments doing things as a family especially on the weekends we make sure to do activities outdoor with our almost two years old lil missy.

    My chaotic life on:

  9. It looks like he is having so much fun. I love taking my kids for walks, they help me in my flower garden, we love to cook/bake, reading is huge in our house. We try to spend as much time just doing anything as a family.

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