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Fall in the forest


6 years ago when my little boy was only 6 months I went foraging with him. It was a great fall day in the forest. I was carrying him and we found lots of mushrooms. I couldn’t pick them up because my little one was touching everything around us: trees, flowers, etc.

The mushrooms on the tree are the ones we found this year and 6 years ago: Armillaria tabescens.


I was with my mother in law so I called her and start showing her were to find them. She didn’t find mushrooms before so she was very happy. We were so fast that she couldn’t keep up with us.

These photos are from this year. They reminded me about that fall. I didn’t have the camera on me that day, but this year I had it. I am trying to show you how I felt in the forest.

Imagine laying down on the ground and just breathe in and out and admire the wonders of the forest.

Have a great day!



49 thoughts on “Fall in the forest

  1. I love mushrooms too. I’m from Europe and I’ve never seen those types of mushrooms before or at least, I had no idea they are edible. I usually went to pick mushrooms with a friend of mine who’s an expert in mushrooms and where to find them so I sort of follow her lead. Once I joined a group of people in Italy who were guided by someone who was teaching them how to recognize edible plants. Guess what? 90% of the plants we saw were edible even those considered weeds – many of us forgot how to recognize food because we go to the supermarket instead! We were in a small town called Inverigo half way between Milano and Como.

  2. I love mushrooms! In my language the name of Armillaria species is Vaclavka and usually we have a lot of them in these days. But not this year. After tropical summer I haven’t found any mushroom, even on trees. I’m glad to see you have them!! 😊

  3. Good morning and thanks for this good article with fab photos. We love wild mushrooms but we always forage for them with a local expert in order to avoid a dangerous confusion. But what we really like is to observe them. From a cautionary distance, camouflaged and with our weapon. The wild boars love this treat in the Fall and they eat them voraciously. That is when we take advantage of their gluttony to satiate ours. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

  4. Romanian forests, or rather Bucovina forests where you are, are magical. Years ago I went with a Romanian family into the forest around their smallholding and collected ‘mushrooms’ (I’ve no idea what kind they were but different kindd). Back home, they were cooked in a pot over a fire outside, with the morning’s cream from their cow. Eaten with a bites from raw garlic cloves. I’ve never forgotten it.

  5. I think you and I are soul sisters for sure! I would have done the same thing given the opportunity. I was always the one who tested everything I found that looked edible in the forest, and I am 77 years old now, so I guess my intuition served me well. And yes, I too absolutely love the images. I think I could easily be a child of the forest, for it is absolutely one of my very favorite places that I can imagine. I like meadows too, but I still like the forest best. Good for you. What a wonderful thing for a child to get to experience, and your mom too. I so admire you for the adventuresome and wonderful lady you are!

  6. It looks so beautiful, and mushroom hunting seems like a great fall activity. I wish I knew how to do it, but of course, it would be too dangerous for me, because I don’t know which mushrooms are poisonous and which ones are okay to eat.

  7. Your artistry is lovely, especially the dewdrops on the mushrooms. When I was little, I read a book about a lost little boy who found a hollow tree to live in and mushrooms to eat. The first group of photos bring that story to life. Would love to see photos of the woods from your son’s perspective.

  8. I copied a YouTube video of Heston Blumenthal making mushroom soup. Unfortunately there are no forests around here, so we get factory farm mushrooms, which have all the taste of polystyrene. I would like to make the soup Heston made, but with our tasteless ingredients, it really is a waste of time. And to buy mushrooms with the flavor (imported), is so expensive, I would probably end up with onbly a small cup of soup, for a large cost.

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