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Spending time with kids


eu si Alex
Thank you Ana for this photo. Is a great memory from that day.

Please excuse the photos from this post. I took them with my phone’s camera and they are not very good at all, but the moments are the best.

Spending time with kids in the nature is super fun. These days, kids need to spend time outdoor playing or discovering interesting things about life, plants or animals.

Because of our current society, for most of the persons, time to spend outside in nature is diminishing.


Playing is important for kids. I love taking my son in the forest. We started since he was 6 months old. I went mushrooms foraging with him strap to my chest. I talked with him all the time, explaining what we were seeing in the forest and how he will enjoy running around and exploring when he will grow up.

Our time in the forest is about learning, playing and discovering. We are also learning to protect and love the nature.


When he could walk, we went in the forest and I showed him the moss. You could see it all around us. I showed him all the types and I encouraged him to touch it and sit on it. After that, we touched and sat on all the moss we could find around us. It was a great day, even with the muscle ache, from all sitting and standing.

He is big now – 6 years old. He started to recognize some of the mushrooms. Like all the kids, he gets easily bored even in the forest so I have to find him interesting things to do or see. We look for bugs, take photos with wild mushrooms, check the trees, listen to the birds, count everything or compare the mushrooms.


We saw small snakes and I taught him not to be scare of them. He wants to see a lot of animals in the forest even bears or wolfs.

My son also loves to help around the house. When we are doing something he comes to help. We let him and appreciate his contribution even he is doing it very good. This year he is learning how to clean the mushrooms and how to cook them. It is important to see the entire process.


Sometimes he supervises everything and says that he is the boss and other times he is just one of us and dad is the boss. It is a great time spent together and also a great time to learn something new.

Our trips in nature are always with lots of breaks, when we sit down and eat something, so is necessary to have something in our backpack. Water is a must. Everywhere we go we have water on us, because we need to stay hydrated.

I hoped you liked our story and it will make you go on a trip in nature or in a park.


Always, love and protect the nature!



77 thoughts on “Spending time with kids

  1. Great post! Some favorite memories always seem to be from being outdoors. Hiking and looking for deer (even if we didn’t find any) is one of my favorite childhood memories. “Remember that time in front of the tv?” – says no one.

  2. No need to apologize for the photos…they are adorable. My face had a smile the entire time I was reading. I also have a photo of my little son with a giant leave of the same plant species! He is grown up now, but still remembers and appreciates our time spent in nature.

  3. It is great to get chilren out into nature. We live on a small farm and our children (now 16. and 18) grew up spending a lot of time outside. One of their preferred holidays now is to go hiking in the wilderness for a few days. I think it is also great how you are teaching your son about his food – where it comes from and how to care for it. And your photos are lovely. – you probably wouldn’t have such wonderful shots of him doing things so nautrally if you had been using a bigger camera.

  4. The photos are great! Thank you for sharing them. I totally agree that kids today — and adults too — need to spend more time in nature. Our grandsons rarely play outside. Instead, they want to sit on the couch with their videogames. That’s not good. We regularly take them to a nearby botanical garden or to parks or fishing likes close to where we live. We hope to encourage them to develop a greater appreciation for nature.

  5. I love the outdoors! Camping is something I’ve introduced my granddaughters and great-granddaughters to and we love going together! Nice photos, cameras today do a great job.

  6. Beautiful photos to accompany your telling of how you and your son enjoy going out in nature and cherishing what you see, enjoying the games you play, learning about food and good eating, and being in harmony with nature as much as possible. Thank you! ❤

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more! We try to get out kids (5 of them) outside as much as possible. When they were younger, before they were in school, I would take them everyday somewhere outside to walk, hike, and discover – even now with the oldest being 22 and working, we have a yearly backpacking trip and several camping trips.

  8. I loved this post and the beautiful pictures. They look great to me! I have a blog all about my adventures with my mom and siblings spending time together.

  9. When my kids were young like this, we called them adventures. Going outside, for a hike and an adventure. Maybe, looking for treasure. That always seems to keep them interested.

  10. I read in a book once how odd it was that the farther we get from nature, the more “progressive” we are considered to be.

  11. Your boy looks like he is growing up in a perfectly healthy, balanced way. Children today don’t spend enough time outside and many have no connection to nature. I love love love that you are making the connection and show him the real treasures of our earth: forest, streams, and the bounty provided by nature.
    Great job!
    I loved this!

  12. I enjoyed reading your post. In one of my jobs, I work on a nature sanctuary and lead a year round, all outdoors parent/child class. We do many of the activities you describe as well as others. I too love sharing the varieties of moss with kids! Thank you for teaching your child to love and respect nature. I firmly believe that in addition to the many positive things being in nature does for us, if we don’t appreciate it, we won’t be good environmental stewards.

  13. We LOVE spending time outdoors. We often go on nature walks and look for critters. We’ve found snakes, salamanders and all sorts of neat bugs. I wouldn’t have the first clue what sort of mushrooms were okay to touch though :)! Thanks for the post!

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