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Autumn memories with my family


Today I had an amazing afternoon. Alex and I went to pick up apples at my mom house. We spend 2 – 3 hours in the garden on a ladder or in a tree. We swap places on the ladder from time to time. My son who is 5 and a half years old told me that I should have a break so he can go on the ladder an pick up the apples.

So I did. Had some breaks so he could climb the ladder and have fun, be adventurous, live a little, work a little and enjoy a little.


I always put photos on my blog that I took with my professional camera( Nikon D700) but today, for the first time I am gonna put photos taken with Nexus phone.

I took photos with my camera, but my son had some amazing moments that I did not want to miss so I used my phone.

When you are in the middle of picking apples, in the tree and you see your son doing something great it takes time to go and take your camera which is on the ground far away. So have fun seeing my phone photos.

Once a photographer always a photographer.


Here is a mix of my son and my mom in the garden picking apples with my old and damage Nexus phone.

You have to taste my mom bio apples. They are so sweet. I am proud to tell you that since my dad died a few years ago I am the one taking care of my mom tree garden. I am cleaning the garden  in the spring and I feel great when I see all the trees with fruits in the fall. Weather has a great role, but also cutting and taking care of the trees too.  We don’t use any chemicals on the trees. We just make them look pretty! Ha ha ha!!!

Today I had a great day because I spend it with my mom and my son. We had fun, we played and we picked apples. We had a guest. A kitten, scared and hungry, but in a safe place with my son. He knows not to harm any living being. I have been a good teacher. He likes the spiders and the bugs.

I enjoyed that freedom feeling. All my childhood memories came back. Fast, so fat, like a train.

After today, all I can say is live your life to the fullest, enjoy every little second spent with the loved ones, because time is so precious.

Travel! Love! Have sex! Make Love! Knit! Crochet! Eat! Play! Drink! Write! Take photos! Cook! Read! Dance! Sing! Be honest with yourself! Do what you love, what you like, what makes you happy! That is all that matters in life.

That is all that matters to me.


Be happy! Life is so short so don’t make it shorter!

Pick up apples and pears! Pick up love on your way because you are just a passenger in this life.

P.S. Thank you my husband for using your computer. My computer died a few days ago.

101 thoughts on “Autumn memories with my family

    1. I am so happy. I am trying to give this impact on all of us. Remember your youth and give it back to your kids or your friend’s kids and so on. We all need to feel this feeling. Be happy! Pick apples!

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