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Being a person who has a healthy lifestyle, I was honored to write a review for Sonali’s book: “Love Thy Legumes”. I read it twice before writing this review, first as a person who loves great recipes and second as a person who has to write a review. It is the first time I am writing an official book review and I am happy to do it for this great book.

In her educational cookbook, Sonali promotes legumes and different ways to add them in your meals. She is a Public Health Nutritionist so she knows what she’s doing. What I love the most is all the information I have next to the recipe about the nutritional content, technique to cook legumes, importance of different nutrients, variations and tips. This cookbook is a big step in learning how to balance your meals and how to add legumes to your diet. In her cookbook, Sonali is bringing all the information together and all you have to do is start making her recipes.

She did a great job mixing her knowledge and her passion for food. Good job!

Here are some recipes that I made from her book:

  1. Strawberry/ Blueberry/ Spinach Smoothie – I made a variation of this smoothie. You know I love all smoothies.  GAB_9248_res
  2. Mocha Toffu Souffle – Wonderful recipe making a dessert with tofu and coffee.   GAB_3186_res
  3. Hummus – Here is a variation she proposed for a hummus. Excellent!
  4. Tofu Bruschetta – I love all type of Bruschetta. I tried her tofu version and I like it.
  5. Uttapam – Indian Pizza – something different
  6. Tomato Omelet – an eggless, gluten-free omelet to make when you are tired of your normal day to day omelet
  7. Chicken Dhanshak – chicken curry with vegetable – something I always wanted to try


I read her book using Kindle and I was very happy. Here are links were you can buy her book. Cooking Without Limits have a special discount for this book. Enjoy reading and cooking!


LOVE THY LEGUMES is an educational cookbook to celebrate legumes for long-term good health (diabetes and high-blood pressure prevention, weight-loss, etc.)

Paperback format is available in the US, Canada, and Europe, and the Kindle format is available worldwide including India, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Australia, etc. Download the free Kindle app for any device (PC, Mac, tablet, or phone) and start reading!

Amazon US:

Amazon Canada:

Amazon France, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg:

Amazon Italy:

Amazon Spain, Andorra:

Amazon Germany:

Amazon India:


Special discount for CookingWithoutLimits followers,  exclusively on Sonali’s E-Store. Payments are secured by Createspace, an Amazon Company.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Visit:
  • Enter password LTL to access the book
  • Add to cart and create an account
  • Apply the discount code NTMVTG4 and check out.
  • Book is on its way.
  • Enjoy the recipes as you learn about nutrition and balancing meals and feel healthy!
  • And, don’t forget to write a review on Amazon.



18 thoughts on “Book review – LOVE THY LEGUMES – SONALI SURATKAR

  1. I have a special place in my heart for publications which explain things. Why this? Why that? Understanding is key to me. Thanks for this review! I’ll make sure to check out the book😊

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