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Blackberry smoothie

blackberry smoothie

I think you are tired of so many smoothie recipes, but, I am thinking about your health and energy so I have another one. We have in our garden blackberries. This is their time so we use them as much as we can fresh,organic and full with aroma.


– 1 cup blackberries

– 1 peeled banana

– 1 cup water or soy milk


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into glasses.

Nice and easy, this smoothie is great for breakfast or between meals. Enjoy!

blackberry smoothieblackberry smoothie


20 thoughts on “Blackberry smoothie

  1. Hi Gabriela,
    you have nice blog with many good recipes and nice photos.
    I found your blog while searching what to do with the blackberries from my garden 🙂

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