White Mushrooms

White mushrooms

Ones of the mushrooms that are very versatile and used very usually are white mushrooms. They can be harvested at varying stages of maturity. When young and immature, they are known as white mushrooms if they have a white color, or crimini mushrooms if they have a slight brown shade.

When fully grown, they’re known as Portobello mushrooms, which are bigger and darker.

White mushrooms are also known as table, common, button, or champignon mushrooms. 

White mushrooms are low on calories but with plenty of nutrients.


  • They have cancer-fighting properties
  • May promote heart health

Fresh mushrooms have a short shelf life of 3–4 days. You can enjoy your fresh and dried mushrooms cooked or raw. If you want to, you can also rehydrate dried mushrooms by soaking them in water.

You can add them to almost any type of dish, allowing you to enjoy a delicious meal that offers multiple health benefits.


16 thoughts on “White Mushrooms

  1. I also love white mushroom! The white mushroom and the portobello mushroom are the same kind, due to the soil or nutrition that they grow differently… I’m totally surprised by that!

    Also, I tried the shiitake mushroom and it’s amazing too! High protein and chewy texture makes them great alternatives for meat. I bought a lot of dried shiitake mushroom (instead of the fresh one) so that I could store it for a long time without worrying it would get mold or rotten.

  2. Interesting facts. I wasn’t aware that fully mature mushrooms are portobellos. I love them fresh in a garden salad. A useful tip when sautéed, microwave for 30 second prior to sautéing. This will help retain its water content and avoid absorbing too much oil

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