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Power of food


Do you know the real power of food, the power of food for you, not everyone else?

I am still trying to conquer my power and understand it. Most of us think of food that is just a way to keep your body working, a necessity.

I know food is for the body but also for the soul.

I just saw “Paris can wait” and it just made me go to France and eat cheese and drink wine. All the food reminds me of people or places, of good feelings and great times. I think this is one of the great things about food.

I am happy when I am cooking and eating. I love cheese, wine, chocolate, garlic bread, pasta, fish, lobster, strawberries and so many others. When I try to make a list of things I love I discovered that is easier to make of things that I don’t like. It is shorter.

All my life I learnt to appreciate food and I am still learning. From my home food to other countries food, appreciating food and cooking takes time and patience.

Find your power and use it for good. It would change your life. Small bites and diversity, healthy food, exercises and you are on your way.

Enjoy food! Enjoy healthy food!



68 thoughts on “Power of food

  1. I love eating but until recently didn’t really care out cooking. But I found out the hard way what the effects of unhealthy eating can be, so I’m slowly learning and improving my cooking skills. 🙂

  2. So true!!!
    I’m still struggling with food; have this love & hate relationship with it. Love the taste, hate the aftermath of ‘possible weightgain’.
    Your post made me realise that the environment shapes your feelings toward food.
    When there are ‘good vibes’, you connect those ‘good vibes’ with that dish.
    Your feelings with that dish will always be good, as it reminds you of the ‘good times’.
    That’s the way food is best consumed, aside from nourishing your body.
    Love your posts!!!

  3. I cannot wait till I get a kitchen. Probably wont be till next year, but when I do I will be cooking like mad. We are in France and are just starting to track down local food suppliers. Knowing where your food comes from is lovely and your helping local communities financially too.

  4. I love it when I get a chance to use local food in my recipes. Even something as simple as a homemade breakfast sandwich, like I’m eating now, is so much better than anything from a fast food place.

  5. Food is so much more than fuel. It’s comfort and colour, and memories and love. Cooking for me is about creativity (I think it’s magic that you can have a bunch of ‘stuff’ and turn it into a dish), patience, slowing down and sharing. Great post and gorgeous photos.

  6. Very true thoughts. Fodd is emotion and memories. Food is what makes us what we are. In Italy food is almost a religion… I mean we really love it and care about producing and cooking. Italians really speak about food almost all day… and we have great traditions about it. I’m no expert but always learning, like you. It’s a good way to approach to it.

  7. Wow, we really appreciate your photos and recipes. You’re doing a pretty great job! 💕

  8. I agree 100%! Food and cooking is so much more than its function as an energy source. Your last picture reminds me of my trip to Nice and the amazing socca I had there, sitting in the middle of the street with my friend, enjoying the sun!

  9. Thank you for this. Outside my usual areas of expertise and loves, cooking is something that is a necessity for me but also an art in terms of experimenting and taking a break from the other activities or my thoughts.

  10. I love food and trying new foods. I feel like sometimes certain foods are just so comforting and bring memories to the surface.
    Sometimes in the winter months our families get together and try to prepare food from other places that we are not accustom to. I have a cousin in law that I didnt know was German and he has made us some wonderful delicious dishes . Thank you for sharing your love of food

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