Wishes for all of us


Some of us celebrate Easter today, some will celebrate next week and others don’t celebrate at all. For some is a very religious Holiday for others is just another day gathering with the loved ones.

I am wishing to all that celebrate Easter “Happy Holiday!” and for all of us, no matter of religion, I wish:

  • Love more
  • Care more
  • Be good
  • Celebrate life
  • Worry less
  • Take long breaks more often
  • Relax more
  • Waste less food and water
  • Kiss more often
  • Say good words more often
  • Play more often
  • Enjoy life more

Life is short so don’t make it any shorter.



33 thoughts on “Wishes for all of us

  1. This is a cool page I like the looks of your food item. I’m very new to the blogging so if you can pass the knowledge down it would be helpful. The page is right nice looking

  2. Of course here in UK the majority of people were celebrating Easter Sunday yesterday Gabi but for us it’s next Sunday so there would be time for you, please, to post your recipe for the ‘Pască de ciocolată’ shown, if you have time (just the chocolate filling). Personally I like the more traditional Pască but Petronela does not.
    I wasn’t sure from your post which Easter you celebrate but whichever I wish you three ‘Happy Easter’.

  3. Fabulous post … how lovely of you to find the time to give us such valuable advice when you must be so busy with your family too 🐣

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