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Cupcake Day


Cupcake Day is celebrated all around USA on December 15th. I am not living in USA and I am Romanian, but, I am gone honor this day because I love cupcakes. So, I am gone have some cupcakes today with my family. Who loves cupcakes? I wish we had a National Cupcake Day in Romania, too.

Happy Cupcake Day! Enjoy a great dessert for everyone!

The best way to celebrate this day is by making a delicious Chocolate cupcakes without sugar and flour.



23 thoughts on “Cupcake Day

  1. I love cupcakes, too! I didn’t know today was a National cupcake day. My favorite cupcakes are actually plain old vanilla. I rarely make them because I have no kids and my hubby doesn’t like them, but I sometimes buy myself one at the bakery. I like the ones that are decorated in a pretty way. Maybe I’ll buy one today.

  2. I really love cupcakes, especially chocolate cupcakes. I make them with sugar and flour, tho’, Not super healthy but they contain organic virgin coconut oil so that helps! 🙂

  3. Those look delicious! I love cupcakes. I’m making some carrot cake cupcakes tonight for a potluck at work. I tried to use one of those design tools a few years ago and FAILED. Now I stick to a knife.

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