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27 July – National Creme Brulee Day in USA

Celebrate today with a wonderful dessert. Crème brulee is also known as burnt cream, crema Catalana, and Trinity creme.

The crème brûlée originally came from France. Literally, it is called burned cream.

This dessert is also popular in Spain and Portugal and is made from egg yolk, cream and sugar.

You can find my recipe here: Creme brulee with raspberries. Enjoy!


45 thoughts on “27 July – National Creme Brulee Day in USA

  1. I love creme brulee and make it from scratch often. I even have the culinary torch. One day I’ll make it for a small party. I have about 8-10 creme brulee ramekins.

  2. Oh my goodness this looks divine. Those raspberries are calling out to me. Also thanks for stopping by and leaving a like on my blog, damn am I glad I visited yours x

  3. I thought your article was very imformative and I just loved the pictures I will have to see if I can make it but I know it won’t look like the picture LOL!

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