What is your perfect summer day?


In the summer I love barbecues. Vegetables or meat, anything is great on the fire. Add a beer or a lemonade and I am ready for a perfect summer day. What is your perfect summer day?


60 thoughts on “What is your perfect summer day?

  1. My perfect summer day would be reading a book while sunbathing, having a glass of iced coffee and bites of watermelon and then barbecue in the evening. Xx

  2. today was nice, we were on a small electric boat, which glided very quietly among the reeds in a wetland center, watching the birds and hoping to see a watervole. we didnt but we did see a kingfisher, ducks with their bottoms up and dragonflys

  3. Relaxing inside or out. Icecream, sorbet or a cooling drink. Healthy eating wise, fish, veg and salads. Not forgetting fruit and yogurts.

  4. Totally unfair as half of us are stuck in winter staring at cabbage, kale and broccoli wondering what to do for dinner tonight β„οΈπŸ˜‰ I can dream of a summer’s day with my love at our favourite beach followed by a dinner of fish and chips as the heat lingers after the setting sun. All while I’m huddled around the heater searching for warmth.

  5. Sitting under the thick shade of a neem tree with my Kindle or paper-book (SF preferably or even PG Wodehouse if I am nostalgic). Breakfast – mangoes and cold milk; lunch – chicken biryani and yoghurt and onions; dinner – lentils, okra and chapatis (unleavened bread). The day is spent keeping hydrated with nimbu paani (lemonade spiced up with rock salt), unripe mango drinks and bael (Aegle marmelos also known as wood apple, Bengal quince, golden apple) juice. Oh! and the driving beat of Progressive music……
    A better option is to escape the scorching heat is to drive up to the Himalayan foothills and go trekking.

  6. Hmmm for the absolute perfect summer day I’d have to create a Frankenstein’ish world-map creature of my fondest memories I guess πŸ˜€ An early breakfast, just past dawn, when everything is pink and orange, at a tiny seaside cafΓ© in Funchal/Madeira with the crashing waves of the atlantic keeping hubby, me and our breathtaking view of the archipelago company. A long walk along the hidden beaches near Barcelona, leading to a lunch at a wine estate settled in uh… Tuscany, the Provence, South Africa or the area around Lake Constance – where only the colors and the scents of the flora around you may tell you which country you’re in, exactly. An after-lunch bookworm session under a tree. no matter where that tree has grown it’s roots on our planet. To earn ourselves some serious grub for dinner, I’d say, a long forest-hike would be a good thing – I’ve done too many of those in too many countries to name them all, but again, Madeira comes to mind, the Levada do Caldeirao Verde hike in particular. After that, the perfect setting for a well deserved open-air feast with all our friends would be, quite close to home, Castle Guttenberg – a knights feast with a breathtaking view of the landscape and the birds of prey flying in and out of their coops at the German Raptor Research Center (ever had a monk vulture *walking* by your table and eyeing your steak…?) – or simply an extended BBQ in our backyard.
    It’s fun to see that, no matter where any one of us is sitting at the moment, all of us seem to have hot coals, cold drinks and our friends in our perfect-day schedule πŸ˜€ BBQ unites the world~!

  7. Spending quality time with husband and baby, outdoors, maybe camping!! And eating BBQ!! Or burgers…

  8. My perfect summer day is going to the beach with my family and enjoying the lovely sea breeze sans the humid air. It’s usually a great time unless the seagulls and ants decide our food is theirs for the taking.

  9. My perfect summer day is swimming in the ocean at the beach, or in a lake in the woods. Hot weather, cool water, and the smell of saltwater on the beach or of pine in the woods.

  10. For me a perfect summer day would be spent with my boyfriend and/or best friends, somewhere near a water source-sea, river, lake- but in the shade. I would say that my favourite snack is a fresh vegetable salad with Romanian goat cheese (amazing!). I also like cocktails with rum or fruity beer. I’m happy to have discovered your blog as I will be a mother soon (am a bit scared) and I can’t wait to use some of your ideas for my baby’s food. Like you, I also take photos, mostly with landscapes and sunsets. Good luck with the motherhood and the blog! πŸ™‚

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