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What is your favorite breakfast food?

breakfast tea and toast with butter and jam

I am not a morning person, so cooking breakfast is still a working process.

My mom used to make me breakfast before school: eggs, cheese, bread with butter and jam, hot chocolate. When I was at University I would wake up at noon and first bite was some chocolate. Really bad for my health. I found out after my first ulcer. Took me some years to teach how to eat healthy but now I am happy about all my meals.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So many foods to choose from to eat in the morning: waffles, Nutella, eggs, bacon, cereal, peanut butter, yogurt, cheese, etc. I like to eat breakfast foods for lunch or dinner too. Depends on my mood.

My favorite breakfast food is toast with butter and sour cherry jam and a cup of hot chocolate. Sour cherry jam is the most amazing jam I ever had. The combination of sweet and sour is just perfect. I don’t like the sour cherries but I love the jam.  I don’t eat this breakfast every day, but once a week is a must.

What about you?

172 thoughts on “What is your favorite breakfast food?

  1. I’ve never been a big breakfast person – although brunch is another matter! (as long as it’s after 11.30am) Most days I start with a handful of almonds and some dried fruit, followed a bit later with an apple. Once a week I may have a slice of toasted banana bread – yum! Your sour cherry jam sounds great. I’ll give it a try.

  2. Bacon, hash browns and eggs, or fruit filled crepes. I did have the most amazing lobster eggs benedict on our last trip, if I could have it cooked for me it would be my favorite.

  3. Protein crepes/pancakes and Coffee.. And I’ll throw in whatever fruit I can find raw or in a sauce.. I’m not a very planned cook so most of my meals are experimental..
    Your posts have made me VERY VERY hungry 😉

  4. Pesto on an English Muffin (I always make my own pesto, and it’s really good. We always keep a container in the fridge, and whip out the food processor whenever we run out and need to make another batch. For this recipe and others, go to my blog:

  5. So “delicious” photo!:)
    I’m omelet obsessed person.:D Sometimes I eat pasta with green pesto on breakfast ) But I really can eat omelet every morning for a long time and never get bored))) I heard it’s not very good to eat so many eggs but I didn’t search for that information to check it)

  6. I like that Istanbul breakfast of honeycomb, white cheese, yogurt, fresh bread and olives. (Oh, or a ‘full English’ – baconbeanstomatofriedeggwhiteslice and a squeeze of ketchup!)

  7. Favorite Breakfast food:
    Coffee, black.
    I grew up in a large household and a father that was old school from the farm and at least 4 days a week we had a large cooked breakfast of several of the following: Bacon, eggs (scrambled, fried), sausage, french toast, waffles, pancakes, toast.

  8. I like chocolate chip pancakes, but what I eat is oatmeal with granola on top and cookies…always cookies. I love hash browns and would eat them everyday, if someone would make them for me. LOL

  9. After many years of business travel in Asia, I keep trying to recreate the feeling I captured in a hotel breakfast at home when I prepare my own breakfast. Fresh veggies and fruit are always at hand. French roast coffee. And then I try to give my presentation a touch of class an color with retro serving ware my 1960’s styled kitchen.

  10. My favorite is and always has been an egg white omelet with spinach, mushrooms, and smoked gouda. As a good midwesterner, though, I also really love fresh biscuits with sausage gravy – I make mine with turkey sausage and skim milk.

  11. I am a serious breakfast eater. Can’t function well without it. I have several things I love. Sometimes I do a saute of onions, peppers, and spinach and then do an egg or two on top of that. Love marmalade on English muffins. I can’t think of a breakfast that I do not like.

  12. I like all of these choices, I just wish they were healthier for me haha. I actually just made a post about breakfast being the most important meal of the day and great options to boost your metabolism! I just wish I was more into cooking and less into eating haha!

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