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Christmassy breakfast

Let me start by saying Happy Holidays! Finally, Santa came. Kids are happily playing with the toys and the parents are enjoying a coffee or hot cocoa. There are lots of traditions around the globe. When I was a child a use to unwrap the gifts in the morning, but since I got married I… Continue reading Christmassy breakfast

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Breakfast of Champions

I start running at end of July and I love it. I am still learning what to eat before each run so I don’t look for bathrooms along my route. I am still discovering my body and the way it reacts to running and recovering. Some days I have yogurt and cereal, others chocolate milk… Continue reading Breakfast of Champions

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What is your favorite breakfast food?

I am not a morning person, so cooking breakfast is still a working process. My mom used to make me breakfast before school: eggs, cheese, bread with butter and jam, hot chocolate. When I was at University I would wake up at noon and first bite was some chocolate. Really bad for my health. I… Continue reading What is your favorite breakfast food?