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Black caviar

black caviar on toast with butter

My mother in law brought me a beautiful present from Denmark this summer: red and black caviar. Many people find caviar delicious but some don’t like it at all. I like caviar, but I can’t eat a lot and often.

Caviar (salt-cured fish-eggs) is considered a delicacy and is eaten as a garnish or a spread.  If you like salty foods or cured fish, caviar can become one of your snacks.

First time you can eat caviar on a small crepe (French pancake) with crème fraiche or a bagel with lox and cream cheese.

Caviar is healthy and has also become a prominent beauty aid. Now they use caviar in face creams and sleep masks.  Caviar is expensive because it is labor intensive.

I discover is so easy to serve unexpected guests with something easy to make and easy to impress.  So make some toast and spread butter when are hot. Cut them into pieces (any shape you like) and then spread some caviar. Serve them on a metal tray with the caviar jar or on a plate.

They look amazing and taste great. You can use caviar as appetizers at family dinners or Christmas parties. Enjoy!

black caviar on toast with butter


33 thoughts on “Black caviar

  1. True caviar from sturgeon is expensive for a number of reasons including the scarcity of the fish of the size allowed to be harvested these days, I understand. My first taste came when I was in my early teens and in hindsight, I didn’t have the palate to enjoy the taste more than 40 yrs ago. 🙂

    Salmon, capelin and flying fish caviar is much more affordable and I enjoy it in sushi often. You’ve very lucky to get the ‘good stuff’.

  2. I remember one Christmas my mom made a mountain as a centerpiece for a buffet. She used cream cheese as the snowy mountain, black caviar to make rocks showing and red caviar coming out the top like a volcano. No one liked any of the caviar. I got to eat it at breakfast for a whole week. Good Christmas present.

  3. Amazing how many memories you’ve stimulated with your post. The first time I ever had caviar was when I was a graduate student. My professor invited me to his house for drinks after a work program. His concert-pianist wife brought out what she called a no-effort refreshment – a slab of cream cheese topped with black caviar and served with crackers. She showed me how to make an entrance.

  4. Well, sturgeon and caviar are the only things I miss since becoming kosher (observant Jews are not allowed this fish as it doesn’t have both fins and scales). I used to eat it a lot as my late husband had many fisherman friends…. Good memories. It is very good for an anemic person.

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