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Avocado dip with hemp seeds

avocado dip with hemp seeds

I am adding avocado to my everyday meals. Avocado is high in healthy fat and is very nutritious. Also, contain a wide variety of nutrients, including 20 different vitamins and minerals.


  • 1 avocado
  • 2 tablespoon hemp seeds
  • juice from 2 lemons
  • salt and pepper


Put the avocado and the hemp seeds in a blender. Mix together with lemon juice and add salt and pepper. You can eat it with red peppers, radishes, and celery. Enjoy!

avocado dip with hemp seeds

72 thoughts on “Avocado dip with hemp seeds

  1. I am also trying to add more avocado to my diet. It certainly is delicious. I have mostly just been adding slices of it to this and that, but a dip would probably be better for sandwiches. Yum yum!

  2. I love this idea! Much quicker than guacamole plus the added benefit of hemp seeds! Must try it soon-first, I gotta get some hemp seeds, lol. I have all the other ingredients, this would be a good idea for a quick lunch!

  3. My wife has tried unsuccessfully for years to get me to eat this healthy-fat-food, but I just can’t seem to get it past my lips. There is hope, however, since I recently tried and fell in love with hummus – so much so that I now make my own!
    Maybe I’ll give the old avocado another try; Lord knows it would make my wife happy. 🙂

  4. This recipe is definitely going to be tried out! As an avocado lover (to the point that your blog is attributed to avocado), I’m always open for anything avocado! Thanks!

    xoxo, Stephanie

  5. Thanks for checking out my “Why I Almost Quit Yoga..” post on my blog. I appreciate your interest …. & this yummy avocado hemp recipe! I love avocados but sometimes have difficulty figuring out how to choose them … should you buy them ripe or a bit harder? And how soft should they be before you slice into them? Any advice would be appreciated!

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