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Black cherry pie

cherry pie

It’s almost the end of cherries. So before you can’t find them at the market I will give you a recipe for pie without sugar. I am trying to cut the white sugar so I am looking for recipes without sugar or with brown sugar, honey or maple syrup.

You can change the cherries with other fruits. Just keep the rest of ingredients the same. Try sweet fruits : mango, peaches,bananas, pears etc.


– 5 eggs

– 5 tablespoons white flour

– 1 tablespoon olive oil

– 500 g black cherries

cherry piecherry pie


Preheat oven at 160 degrees. Separate the eggs. In the whites, add a bit of salt and mix it with the mixer. In another bowl mix the yolks with a tablespoon of flour. Add the whites and the rest of the flour. Mix it easy and at the end add the oil. In a pan put the parchment paper add the mix and on top put the fruits. Put it in the oven for 15 – 20 mins. Enjoy!

cherry pie


39 thoughts on “Black cherry pie

  1. Looks delicious! I just made a raspberry and blueberry pie that I’m thinking of sharing the recipe for, but this looks like it’ll give my pie a run for its money!

  2. I’ve simply been eating cherries by the carton, but this pie looks delicious. I love how there are whole pieces of cherries and not just a standard sugary filling. Nice!

  3. These recipes look absolutely awesome. I will becoming back, and adding this blog to my readers (WordPress and Bloglines 🙂 ).

    Thanks for the follow!

  4. Thanks for popping over and liking my post on Mo’s Milk Bar! You’re site is lovely! Beautiful photos and recipes, I hope to try one! Best, No Abbiamo WiFi

  5. Thanks for liking my post! Your photos are clean and beautiful I really love them. I will make an effort with props and follow all your tips. I have a very similar recipe on my blog but with Globe Grapes. All the best. Noemie

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