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Secrets in the kitchen

I used to have my secrets in the kitchen. Now I don’t. After I started cooking more than twice a month I realize that having secrets in the kitchen doesn’t make me a better cook. Even all the chefs in the world can’t make me a better cook if I suck a cooking.

The best secret I discovered is that the best recipe is the one you make it with love. Doesn’t matter what you are making (toast, soup, stew or even a coffee) your food will taste better if you are putting yourself there. When you are make something and you are not in the mood, even with all the best ingredients and with all the secrets it will taste common, not the right way.

So that’s why I am sharing everything I know about photography and my recipes. This trip I am making on this blog is my way to show you my little secrets, my fails and my successes. I am happy if you are getting better at cooking or photography. We all have a place in this world so sharing our love for food and photography makes us stronger and better. My only contest is with myself not with everyone around.

So go cooking, baking taking photos, do anything you like. It will make you feel better and happier.

Trust me. I know is working for me.

Have a great day!

62 thoughts on “Secrets in the kitchen

  1. I totally agree! I used to keep my cake decorating methods a secret for fear of losing customers. But I’ve now realised that the people who buy my cakes are always going to buy my cakes, whether I show them how to do it themselves or not. Spreading the love is the way forward!

    1. I’ve never liked cooking, but I’m applying myself more and trying to get better at it. I love your heart. I hope cooking health meals for your family is happening and that you’re experiencing joy in the doing of it. 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you on sharing. Will definitely try cooking some of your recipes as a part of my Weekly cooking challenge…

  3. Don’t you love living in a world where we can use this creative platform to outlet all the facets of our personalities and tips and tricks we learn along the way? Thank you for sharing yours!

  4. Dear Gabi,
    Well said, well said indeed!
    There are few things that make me more cross than pretentious restaurant chefs who will not share their recipes, or those who share but throw one twist in so that you can never replicate that delicious dish you so liked. Surely cooking, indeed the culinary profession as a whole, advances by sharing. Any recipe is really only a guide to be taken, repeated and then adapted according to your own tastes and approach to food.
    This is how we all learn about new techniques, new flavours, new ways to present and so food advances and everyone benefits. AND THEN…. you throw in a little (or a lot) of love and we all win.
    Thank you for sharing (and thank you for following my little blog too).

    1. Yes, but don’t you love sometime a little bit of mystery? I love to master a recipe that I drooled over at the restaurant, but when I’m done mastering, I never feel that little twinkle of anticipation getting to my favorite restaurant hoping it is on the menu… Takes some of the magic away… I did wonder about it too putting my recipes online. but then I guess I lean more towards the sharing side; soory contradicting myself 😉

  5. Well put! I’m fairly new to this, and that was a great reminder that your only competition is yourself (: thanks, you have a beautiful page!

  6. That’s a good mentality. There’s too much competition out there and it causes so much unnecessary animosity. Plus giving someone tips doesn’t necessarily mean they can even duplicate it. Good for you for sharing with others all your reflections in the kitchen – good and bad. 🙂

  7. I thought I was the only one who experienced this. When I’m not in the mood to cook my food tastes absolutely horrible I actually wonder why I even bothered to cook in the first place. I am happy to note that you realise that not all days are the same and that is absolutely okay.

  8. Hey Cooking without Limits!! We find your blog so inspiring and find so many things on your blog that I relate to! We were wondering if you could give us a follow! We would appreciate it so much! – Charlotte and Sophia

  9. Cooking with Love is the BEST secret to share. A friend does her cooking in a meditative state, loving and ‘seeing’ each step. I have aimed to replicate this and have gotten as far as making sure I have absolutely no tension in my system as I prepare and cook It’s so much more fun. Love Bubbles Abounding.

  10. Absolutely agree with you – love is definitely one of the most important ingredients in any dish. Love your posts so much! 🙂

  11. Absolutely. People will follow a recipe to the t bit somehow something is not right. Even myself if I’m not feeling it more than likely what I’m making won’t be the best it should be.

  12. Thanks for a great post! I am finding out through my blogging adventure that putting yourself out there is tough, whether it is cooking secrets or recipes or just personal stories. But if we can help someone else I think it is worth it. You have a lovely website!
    Ashley at

  13. I absolutely agree. It is far more fun to share what and how you cook.
    Mind you there is one recipe I do hold close to me – it involves chicken nibbles and I may (unashamedly pushing my blog as it is brand new!!) share it on my Blog!
    Previously only people who marry into the ‘family’ get the recipe! 🙂

  14. hey gabi,
    thanks for the ‘like’.
    sharing is power — it empowers you. keep on sharing! i blog about anything, but when friends ask me to share the recipe of a photo i shared on facebook, like the stove-top porterhouse steak i posted the other day, i do it gladly without hesitation… on my blog. then share the blog to them on fb.

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