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Chocolate cookies for Santa

Chocolate cookies

This post is not about my cooking is about my almost 7 years old boy cooking. I love cooking or baking with my son. He has an apron and a chef hat and he wears them with pride. I let him in the kitchen since he could walk. He will make a huge mess but it was fun.

This time I had to work so he planned cooking with his grandma: chocolate cookies for Santa. This time was a rehearsal for Christmas.

When I got home I listen to the great stories. He told me that he and grandma made β€œsmall mistakes”. He broke the cocoa bag on the floor and an egg on the table and grandma broke a bottle of milk.

This was funny because I know how the kitchen looks after we are cooking: flour on the floor and on the table, broken eggs on the floor etc.

He also told me all the ingredients they used and how they beaten the eggs with the flour in a bowl.


What was his favorite part?

His favorite part was when he tasted the homemade chocolate during the cooking.


All I can tell you is that when I got home the kitchen was clean and smelling great and my kid was very happy. And, of course, I tasted the cookies. Yummy!!!

Santa you can come to us early. We have chocolate cookies and warm milk for you.



77 thoughts on “Chocolate cookies for Santa

  1. Adorable and so much fun to cook with kids once we get over the “they’ll make a mess”fear. I also did this at Christmas with my 5-year-old who insisted on helping make the gingerbread men. He did almost every step himself.

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