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This post is about you. All of you out there. Thank you for reading my blog, for being part of my story and my ride in the blog community. I tried to thank you individually, but if I managed to not answer please forgive me. I read all your comments because you are my inspiration. All of you. We are building this blog together as a family.

Thank you for all the awards nominations. I am honored and happy. You are all in my heart and my mind. Even I never met most of you, I feel like we always drink coffee together (or tea) in the morning and talk about life, food, blogging and photography.

So let’s enjoy a good wine in a good company and “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust


36 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. If you’d like to thank all of us, I’d respectfully suggest doing it with compassion for the 10% or so of the population that’s in recovery from intoxicants.

  2. I feel like you live in Romania and I used to live in Hungary. I would have been happy to meet you. Maybe later! Your photos are wonderful and recipes quite good. Keep on!

  3. What a lovely post. I am new to food blogging and photography. Your posts have helped me so much. You probably have not seen this but I have thanked you and included a link to your site on my “About” page. Thank you once again!

  4. Yes! I feel the same way. Thanks so much for continuing to share on your blog, and for supporting mine! Blog friends forever! LOL.

  5. Your photography is stunning and I officially want all of that chocolate deliciousness on your header. I love the way you describe the food you’re talking about. Truly magic.

  6. Hi. You mentioned about wine in your Aug 15th blog, but the picture shows a bottle of whisky. Do you drink more than wine?

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