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My little wonders

I moved my chilies in the house because it got very cold for them. We had a cold wave and night temperature was around 2-3 degrees Celsius which is bad for them.

I put them near a window and they are doing very well.

Habanero Peach changed from green to orange in 1 day. In the morning it was a little yellow on top and in the evening was all orange. Till yesterday I thought it is a different type of chili. Ha! Ha! That is amazing!

Habanero Peach

Habanero White is getting whiter by the day.


Bird Eye Demon is getting red also.


The rest of them are growing. I will keep you inform about them. Here is the last post about my chili jungle.

Have a great day!


47 thoughts on “My little wonders

  1. They must have been happy to grow so big in those smallish pots! You are getting a good harvest, too. We are having extremely hot fall-weather where I live (In the southeastern U.S.) and I have lots of hot peppers too. But your plants look healthier without the hot dry weather mine have suffered. Good job!

  2. Stunning! Even after the breath of frost, your plants are perfect. As one would see in a national horticultural garden, except these were nurtured by a real person, in a private home. Splendid!

    Already, the mind wanders, thinking of all sorts of Thai, Mexican, Colombian, etc., etc. dishes that would benefit from your skill.

  3. Beautiful!
    Sadly my Chilies suffered too much during this dry and hot summer 😦

  4. I love your chili jungle! I’m not all that much into chilies (except maybe for sweet chili sauce), and my husband doesn’t tolerate it very well. But I firmly remember that one summer in the old rental when I grew bell peppers, or so I thought. They looked quite like your orange Habanero. I took a little bite and I think my eyes were teary the whole evening πŸ˜€ Is there a way to take out a little of the heat without losing flavor? Because I like the taste but I’m overwhelmed by their hotness πŸ˜€

  5. I hope my container garden looks half this good when I get it started next season! And now I’m freaking hungry for salsa and I blame you!

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