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International Coffee Day


1 October is International Coffee Day.

International Coffee Day is a celebration of the coffee sector’s diversity, quality and passion. It is an opportunity for coffee lovers to share their love of the beverage and support the millions of farmers whose livelihoods depend on the aromatic crop.”

“This year, the International Coffee Organization is working to highlight the plight of coffee farmers, the threat they are facing to their livelihoods and the need to take collective action. While the price of a cup of coffee in your local café has never been higher, the amount that coffee farmers are paid for the beans they produce is at an all time low. Farmers are not earning enough to provide for themselves and their families and may have to turn away from producing coffee altogether – putting the coffee you drink at risk.

The global coffee community is coming together to address this issue, but we also need your help. We are asking everyone involved in coffee, from producers, to roasters, governments, banks and the coffee drinking public to sign the #coffeepledge, in support of a living income for coffee farmers. “

You can read more here: Coffee.




26 thoughts on “International Coffee Day

  1. Sitting with a mug of coffee, reminded that like so many other things somebody at the bottom of the chain isn’t paid enough.

  2. As a recipe ingredient, most definitely, most enthusiastically, yes! As a drink, tough, meh, not so much.

    Admittedly, though, at university, chocolate-covered espresso beans were invaluable to late-night studying. Addicting.

  3. While I love drinking coffee, I think that it is so important to talk about the plight of the farmers who are often mistreated and underpaid. I am glad that we are having these important conversations. Thanks for sharing!

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