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Writing about food and food photography


I don’t know how it is for you, but for me writing about food takes time and patience. Preparing a post means more than writing in WordPress and adding photos. I wrote most of my post on paper. Inspiration came when I was not in front of the computer, so a pen and paper were best. Now I always have on me or around the house pen and paper. I don’t write on my phone because it takes more time than writing on the paper, but this is just me. Do what is comfortable for you, not others.

I have a huge list of future recipes with great photos, but all those photos need to be resizes  otherwise even my Premium Plan on WordPress will not be enough. I get them ready before adding to the post. I want that all my photos make you feel hungry or sending you to the kitchen to cook something. This is what food photography should be.

When I make a new recipe I have a paper and a pen and write down the steps. This I learned after I took a few photos and I didn’t write down the recipe and I couldn’t write about the recipe.

Another step is correcting my English. I am from Romania and English is not my first language so I need to copy from the paper in Word and then correct the mistakes. It takes time. I lived in London for a few years and worked there with a guy who studied at Oxford. He taught me a proper UK English because I used to write and it needed to be correct.

After a few years I moved and worked for a USA company and traveled a lot in USA. Then I had to readapt my English. There was a very good thing from all this experience. I got to understand better people talking English not matter the country they were coming. Not all of them, but some of them.

So, now, I am living in Romania with my family so I don’t get to use very often my English and writing on this blog is also a way to stay connected. You forget a language if you don’t use it very often.

After the writing is done and is corrected, photos are prepared I can assemble the post in WordPress.

All this process is great and I enjoy every single part of it. I noticed that the blog is getting more personal and I start to like it even more. I hope you do to.

Enjoy writing on your blog, reading other blogs and take photos!


PS:  Correct me if I am writing something wrong. I won’t mind. Thank you



303 thoughts on “Writing about food and food photography

  1. This felt so good to read! amazing! English isn’t my first language either so I also take time checking it. Loved the comment about the photos, I also try my best every time, I learn new things every day! thank you!

  2. It is difficult to write about food – sometimes I have inspiration and other times not. Oh, and I’ve made that mistake so many times before, thinking I will remember quantities of ingredients and then forgetting by the time I wrote the post!

    1. I can so relate. I have a food/recipe blog and most of the time I have no clue what to write about. Then I have a great idea, and I don’t know where to start writing.

  3. Hi. I find your site inspiring because somehow we are of the same interests. Im also struggling with english grammar that’s why i always have hesitations in posting everytime. But with word press Im learning.

  4. Your photos are downright gorgeous and I liked your post! Keep up the good work and I am now following you so I can see what you continue to make and write.

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