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Fish, family and memories


My dad loved to fish. After he retired, he used to go fishing on the river near our city when he could legally fish. Other times, he would go with his friends on bigger rivers and lakes.

My son knows that all the fresh fish are caught by his grand dad. When my dad died, my son was almost 3 years old and I told him that his grand dad went fishing. Now he knows the truth, even I never told him about that. I think he heard us talking and understood.

My son’s favorite fish are the small ones we call them “boisti”. I don’t know the English term for them but all I know about them is that they are very small and you can find them in all the small creaks and ponds.

My parents told me that when they were little they use to catch them with a pot and some polenta.

These fish are very easy to prepare and they taste very good. All you need is some salt and corn flour.

Cut the head and the fins of the fish and then wash them very good. If they are very small my mom will leave the head and fins.

In a plate mix some corn flour with salt. Prepare a pan with oil and put it on the stove. When the oil is hot add the small fish after you put them through the corn flour both sides. Fry them on both sides and then let them cool. Serve them with polenta and garlic sauce. This is the way my son loves to eat them.

He dips the fish in the garlic sauce and then eats it. Sometimes he forgets to eat the polenta.

The garlic sauce is made from garlic, salt and some water. If it is too strong add more water. You can make garlic sauce with yogurt or sour cream.

Now, my father’s fishing friends bring us sometimes fish, but most of the time we are buying from the fish market. The small ones that my son loves can’t be bought from the shop.  You need to go and catch them.

This summer I am gone take him to the river to fish, even I am not a big fan of fishing. I don’t have my father’s patience.  He bought my son a fishing rod just for him so he will have his own when they will go fishing. Unfortunately, my dad died before he got to do that.  He planned so many things to do with my son, but he died too soon.

We remained to tell stories about his grand dad and teach him things he wanted to teach.

So, spend time with the persons you love or call them if they are too far away, because life is short and unexpected.






23 thoughts on “Fish, family and memories”

  1. Thank you for your lovely post here. I love food posts that involve storytelling and family memories. I too have beautiful memories–mine are related to camping, fishing and cooking fish. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. My mom used to cook these fish (I think they’d be called smelt) after they’d be cleaned and rolled in regular or corn flour. They didn’t need much more than some salt and we’d eat them with the backbone (nice and cruncy) if they were small or we’d pull out the backbone if they were bigger. My big brother and I would dip ours in ketchup too. 🙂

  3. It is so beautiful how your son has his grandfather’s love of fishing in his soul. What a gift! Those are the memories he will carry with him as he gets older and perhaps will share with his children if he becomes a dad himself. Thanks for the post!

  4. Nice post… many habits are just passed on and this is an example. I am sure that your little one’s love for fish reminds your days with dad. My parents too are from coastal part and fish is part of daily meal. I basically know how to cut and clean it from childhood and enjoyed doing it.

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