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Traffic, ads and visitors


As I promise last year, this post is about 1 year of adds on my blog. I put a table for 2017 with visitors, visits, clicks, etc. If you look on my blog, I have just a few ads, because I don’t want you to get annoyed with windows or flashy images. I add a few ads to test how it works and also to cover my fee for the premium account on WordPress.

I am not gone tell you what to do, to put adds on the blog or not. You need to decide that. The premium account cost 99$ a year, so as you can see from my table I almost got that sum.

What I can tell you is that you need a lot of visitors to make money. Otherwise don’t bother. I waited a few years before trying the ads. I wanted to have more than 9000 views a month. Not every month was the same but I manage to get that.

If you want to know how WordAds works here is a link where you can read all about it: WordAds

It is not a complicated process but has a few rules so check them out.

Keep blogging and good luck if you decide to go with WordAds!


90 thoughts on “Traffic, ads and visitors

    1. Well, that is the truth of blogging. I see people with tens of thousands of followers, but then I see a hundred of so likes and maybe 10 comments. People hit that follow button and then soon enough they leave the blogging world, or they hit the follow so much that they have too busy of a feed to keep up with those they follow. Sometimes it’s the “shine” phenomenon. People like what you write, they follow, maybe hit a few likes, leave a few comments, but then… the shine wears off and they are off to another “new” blog. Also, if you don’t go visit their site and interact on their premises, then they stop caring about visiting yours.

      1. True. It does suck though! I’m not out to make money, just talk about my day. Some people actually need it and rely on it!
        If I follow someone, I read their posts and comment when I have something to add. Oh well. Good luck!

      2. I find that I don’t always visit blogs I follow – not because I am after the next big thing, but sometimes because I am rather busy for a few days, and then it is off my radar. Also, not every post I see the title of interests me in any given blogger’s repertoire, but I do know probably very shortly he or she will again post something that does.

        I’ve thought about going premium on my own account; I see from the numbers here it is not yet worth my while to so do. I do need to kick my game up, kudos to Cooking Without Limits on this! Lots of productive work here!

    2. We had way less views then that last year, but a decent number. Few of the views came from followers. Mostly our views come via search engines. I think the key to truly growing a blog and making money is to do posts that people outside of the blogging world want to see.

  1. This is really interesting to see. I just made the big leap to a premium account as well to try and up readership as well as get the blog layout I wanted as part of the package. Wish I could figure out the magic to getting more readers!

  2. I appriciate the peek at your numbers. I won’t be doing ads, but was curious. It looks like one has to ‘work it’ to make anything. There are many blogs out there, and I realise that I am but a drop in the ocean. I don’t blog like it’s my job. [not saying you do] I do it to help others, have a little fun, and as a refference for myself. A bit like an informational quilting diary.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I often feel that only the super big blogs talk about money and then I am discouraged because I am far away from that.
    However, I have to say I am also surprised that you don’t get more views, I somehow expected more with the amount of followers you have. For that reason I am extra grateful you revealed your numbers!

  4. It’s very open of you to share all this information. I have recently decided to go premium as well, but I am really, really far behind in views. I also have rather little time devote to this, I hope to be able to do more in the future. I just really want to write and, ideally, one day I could actually make some money from it. Until then, you are a great inspiration!

      1. Oh I’m sure there are people out there that can make a living from blogging. I’m not one of them nor am I cut out to be a full time blogger. I’ll keep my blogs for fun. And if people like them great if not that’s ok as well. I try to look for the little things. But it’s really interesting to see the numbers. And I’m glad you make enough to recoup your investment though. That’s cool.

  5. Thank you for sharing the numbers. I’ve always wondered about how people make money from blogging.

    I do it for personal improvement – it takes a lot of researching and thinking to write a post. I’m at a point where I feel some sort of reward would make blogging more fun as it involves investing my time and resources. Would it ever happen for me? Well…let’s see 🙂 Thank you again for your honesty!

  6. My problem at the moment is driving up visitors. I went on a FB group which was supposed to be a like for like but was liking people and they didn’t like me back lol, so gave that one up!! I took a course in social media marketing and am applying what I was taught. Still a slow process. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

      1. We need to understand is that WP is doing business and Wordadds is a goal, terget, trap too. And we are following the fake future. Honestly, the way we are doing is just promoting the business of WP. But yes WP is one of the best platform to make your blog and website for your business or individual purpose. I know lots of people will not like my words but don’t worry it’s my personal opinion.

  7. Makes sense. I decided against ads – it’s not worthwhile. Why degrade your blog and enrich Google and others. They keep most of the earnings. For the likes of us there is no money in it, frankly.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. It is interesting that followers don’t necessarily translate to views. But then I read quite a lot of blogs I don’t follow. I would think your blog could lead to making money from your photography. It is stunning. Have you thought about creating a link or page that promotes that? Your photography and blog are always an inspiration to me.

  9. Gabi, thanks so much for liking my new blog. I started only three days ago, and it was a real thrill to get a like (they are precious things in your first week)! As a first time blogger this discussion has been very interesting, as has looking through your gorgeous photos. I also like your writing, and was wondering if I could reproduce one of your recipes as an English exercise at


  10. Thanks for sharing the actual numbers. I hope I can get those numbers too soon 🙂

    I upgraded my account to premium but I don’t think I can reach the minimum payout of $100. I am also planning to switch to a different hosting because WordPress only allow Business plan to install plugins and other stuff and it is also costly compared to other hosting.

    Any thoughts? Thank you.

  11. Thank you for sharing this spreadsheet. I have installed ads for a few months now, too. The earning is not great at all but I have Premium plan and it does not cover the cost of $99 per year, for sure. But I am hopeful and getting to post regularly now (with a full time teaching job) since I love blogging so much. And secretly hoping that I make enough to cover my premium cost.


  12. This is so basic but extremely helpful, thank you. My blog is in extremely baby stages, and while I would love to have it be lucrative one day, I’m just doing it for fun and have no idea where it will lead. See this is very helpful. Thank you 🙂

  13. What a wonderful post thank you so much for sharing this. I recently started my blog so I think I’ll wait to add a few ads! You convinced to me . Love your down-to-earth attitude.

  14. I don’t know about you, but I get excited just getting 20 visitors on my blog! Lol. Granted my blog is in the very very early stages. I hope someday to be able to make a little extra income through ads, but I know I’m a long ways from it.

    Thank you for your post. Very informative.

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