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Happy Lobster Day!


If you need some inspiration here is my recipe for a Lobster bisque. Drink a beer because in UK they celebrate Beer Day. Have a great day!

lobster soup


28 thoughts on “Happy Lobster Day!

    1. If the pressure cooker is large enough. I would imagine a pressure cooker would just be a faster clam bake. Something I have been thinking about myself for awhile. I would treat it as such, having nothing “in the water”, everything on top of the seaweed season according to your clam bake traditions. Set the “time” for the lobster to be done, as everything else will be.

      I may just do that this season. I’ll have to find a few willing taster friends.

      FYI How humane is it? The pressure cooker may get up to temp quickly enough, & may even surpass a steamer when preheated. If in doubt, par boil (or finish) the lobsters before using the pressure cooker.

  1. I love lobster! There are going to be 2 giant ones on the family dinner table today: one will be cooked with garlic and tons of butter, steamed, the other one with herbs and a splash of olive oil. Thank you for the post.

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