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Happy International Workers’ Day!

Today we celebrate International Worker’s Day. In Romania, 1 May, the International Workers’ Day (Ziua internațională a oamenilor muncii) or simply 1/First of May (1/Întâi Mai) is a public holiday. During the communist regime, the day was celebrated by large state-organized parades in most cities, to which many workers were required to participate. After the revolution in 1989, 1 May continues to be an official public holiday, but without any parade or events.

We are celebrating 1 May having picnics and barbeques. Young people go on this day at the sea side to celebrate 1 May.

Happy International Workers’ Day!



20 thoughts on “Happy International Workers’ Day!

  1. Happy workers day! In Switzerland it’s a rainy day so we are celebrating it with a marathon of all Star Wars movies followed by Harry Potter and lots of teas coffees and nice cakes 😊😊😊

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