Be happy!

Stop for a minute. Enjoy life! I see all around me people rushing all the time. Even for small things, shopping and walking they are rushing. Why? Live the moment! Shops will be there tomorrow. We got so caught in our life that we forget to actually enjoy it.

Take 5 – 10 minutes every day and just relax. Find a corner in the garden or house and have 5 minutes of silence. Close your eyes and dream. Go to your happy place, if you have one or build a happy place right there.

We are different, so what makes me happy maybe is not for you. Read, run, play or just stay on a chair with closed eyes. You know better.

Why? Life is so short. You realize after so many years that you forgot to live the present. Be a good person. It will make you feel better. In the end this is what matter the most: the way you feel.

You can be rich and be lonely and unhappy. Be happy! Fight for your happiness! Always. Don’t let other ruin things.

I used to be a very social person, loved to party and see other people. Now, most of my time I want to spend with my family. I am not depress and I am not unhappy. I just love a quiet day. When I want to see people I choose the right ones. It’s been years since I stop wasting​ time with people that don’t matter to me. You will find the right people to spend your time. bucovina village


76 thoughts on “Be happy!

  1. Hi Gabi, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I love this post and you are so right in saying that we don’t live in the present. We are too preoccupied with the past, the future and the rush of everyday. Life just passes us by. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i love this post! i feel the same! even though i love shopping and go for walks! i love spending time on my own relaxing, listening to spa music 🙂

  3. Living happily doesn’t depend on the good people you’ve got around you even though that’s good sometimes or in some cases. If you can organise your life well enough you’ll find that your source of happiness is from within you. For me nothing makes we happier that having pleasure being a stepping stone to people that come my way. Having plenty money or mdterial things don’t give true happiness. A wise man once warned that the life of man doesn’t consist of the abundance he possess. So just rearrange your life and you’ll realise your desired happiness.

  4. Reblogged this on Melissa Trinidad, M.S. and commented:
    This post by Gabi at Cooking Without Limits is spot on. Slow down, enjoy life, be a good person. Definitely a recipe for increasing your happiness. BTW, Gabi is also an amazing good photographer and has some great recipes on her blog too. Thank you, Gabi!

  5. I totally agree with you. I spent so much of my life trying to earn a living that I didn’t spend as much time with my family as I would have liked. Now I spend every minute they have time to give. They’re in the making-a-living, raising-a-family, getting-the-food-from-the-store-to-the-table mode now. Our society really messed up when we moved away from living with extended family. I hope we return to that one day, and to neighborhood caring and sharing.

  6. True. ‘One day you’re slamming 18 hour shifts, the next you’re looking up at the heart monitor.’
    “Really, it was only heart burn, right?”
    Stop & smell as many of the roses as you can, along your path, just be sure to start up again ;}).

  7. It is as if you wrote this just for me! I have been thinking a lot about happiness and how we as people feel it’s our right to be happy. I don’t believe that I never have. I don’t believe our happiness is up to other people. But. I do believe that we are in charge of our own happiness and all it takes is slowing down and being grateful for how far with him on this journey of life. 🌸🐇💖

  8. The time I stopped being such a grammar pedant, I became a happier person. I’m not sure exactly when it was but it seems like a revelation. Yes, I like to maintain my own high standards of spelling (with probably the occasional slip) but if someone misuses “your” or “you’re” and they’re fine with it, I’m happy for them to roll to that beat. 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness, yes! We have so much to be grateful for we should smile! 🙂

  10. Great post! I will certainly try out your recipes. This was really important for me I needed somebody to tell me relax for a moment

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  12. Brilliant post. It has some sort of calming effect on me. Thank You for that. 🙂 Being in the moment and staying happy is what we all need in life. When everything is going just fine, it is easier, but when the life knocks you down..that is the moment when you have to face the real struggle. Through experiences I have learned many things. I have learned to be happy when things aren´t perfect and I don´t have everything I want. Because most probably nothing will ever be perfect. And in the mean time I am wasting energy not being my happiest self. So anyway your message is to remind ourselves to focus on the present moment. Focus on everything positive we have in our lives. It is not just basic, it is magical. 🙂 Thank you!!

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