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Surviving Easter


Easter is a long holiday with plenty food to go on. Surviving 3 – 4 days with too much food can be a big battle for everyone. Everywhere you go, you get food and drinks and seeing people eating makes you hungry. Having friends and family around you at the table or near a fire place is the best way to spend all your holidays.

This year I am thanking all my friends for coming and eating with us. I had a great time and I hope they had too. We still have lots of leftovers so we hope our friends and family will visit us again.

For those who are on a diet or on a healthy eating plan, Easter can still be a great holiday. Choose your indulgences and plan them in. Enjoy every last moment of them. For a few days allow yourself to have a little chocolate or a steak or whatever your diet deprived you.

Once in a while we all need a little “food fun” in our life.



31 thoughts on “Surviving Easter

  1. That’s marvelous even though in my own part of the world we don’t attach so much importance to Easter enough as to cook, eat and dine but we do enjoy the long holiday because we have enough time to spend with the kids and pay visits to our dear ones. Thanjk you so much cookingwithoutlimits for your wonderful posts. Looking forward to hearing more of yours.

  2. My husband (who has tried every diet on the planet) and I discovered a weight loss plan that actually works and is so simple and smart we can’t believe it. I wish I could get paid every time I recommend it; it’s that effective! You don’t change WHAT you eat, you change WHEN and HOW you eat — and learn to eat the way naturally thin people do. It’s been 7 months and my “skinny” jeans are two sizes too big!

      1. Totally agree, which is really the point of that program. Learning to make good choices but also understanding the triggers that make some of us overeat.

  3. My cheat went on a 3 week run in Paris. Funny thing is, staying on a Paris market street it’s impossible not to see food! But now I probably will never eat an American strawberry again. And I can safely say we found the perfect lemon tart in our lemon tart crawl. So of course I had to move onto eçlairs. Yes it’s definitely back to health food now that I’m home!

  4. Loved the fireplace. Almost time for that Down Under (except we don’t have one…..waaaah!)

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