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Take care of you


Take care of your body, your mind and your soul. All three are important when you want a healthy and happy life. Do this for you, for your kids and for your family.

It is a long process and for some is easy. For me was and still is a difficult process. I am learning along the way more about me and my powers.

Do things that you like, talk with people that are good for you and eat healthy. I keep my mind busy reading, playing small games, teaching my son, etc. I keep my body busy walking, riding a bike, skiing, running or just playing with my boy. I keep my body healthy eating food that is good for me.

We are different. My healthy life style could be your life style or not. You need to find what makes you happy and healthy. This takes time so don’t worry if you get it wrong sometimes.

Talk with a specialist so you know where you stand before you start something new. A specialist can tell you what is wrong with you or if you are doing a good job so far. Don’t start diets that work for other people, because it may not work for you. Learn about food, about sport and find “Your way” of living a healthy life.

Try and spend daily doing something you love. Find things that make you happy: traveling, reading, dancing, etc. Make time for that. It is very important. Happiness is a must if you want a healthy mind and body. Get rid of negativity and of most things that are bad for you.

Life is short. Don’t make it shorter.


60 thoughts on “Take care of you

  1. Good advice for every day. And to camp on your advice since there are no limits, adding, People relationships are a most important component of happiness and especially family.

  2. I needed this today. I’m starting to get as serious about my physical health as I am about my mental/spiritual/emotional health. It isn’t easy, and I needed this reminder that it MUST be done. Thank you!

  3. As we prosper as a society, we are eating ourselves to sickness. Hippocrates wisely prognosticated ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’

  4. Great post! Your photographs are amazing! If you could give me any tip for food photography, I would really appreciate it. Wishing you a wonderful day!🤗

  5. Thank you:) very encouraging! I love to eat food that is good for me and do some running. 😊

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