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Snowball radishes

white radishes

Snowball radishes are grown mainly for its small, round root.  The roots of the Snowball radish are creamy white from the skin through to their flesh. The leaves of the Snowball radish are also edible, providing a spicy radish like flavor and textural alternative to the roots.

Snowball radishes contain vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, folate, and potassium. They are often recommended as a digestive stimulant.

Radishes have been known to soothe sore throats and relieve congestion by clearing the sinuses.

Regular consumption of radishes protects your liver and gallbladder from infections and ulcers.

Radishes are considered roughage, which means that it is composed of indigestible carbohydrates. This facilitates digestion, water retention, and it fixes constipation.

Juice from radishes cures inflammation and a burning feeling during urination. It also cleans out the kidneys and inhibits infections in the kidneys and urinary system.

Radishes are very filling, which mean that they satisfy your hunger without running up your calorie count. They are also low in digestible carbohydrates, high in roughage and contain a lot of water, making radishes a very good if you want to lose weight.

Radishes lower body temperature and relieve inflammation from fevers.

Radishes are mostly composed of water, and they are a great way to keep your body hydrated.

Radishes work as a good appetizer, mouth and breath freshener, laxative, and metabolism regulator.



33 thoughts on “Snowball radishes

  1. I love radishes also – have you seen my post for ‘Radish starte’ which we eat regularly here when they are in season.
    I had no idea that I was being so healthy : )

  2. Love radishes. I like making a soup or a pesto with the fresh greens and black radish syrup is my go to cough syrup.

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