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Strawberry and banana smoothie


Welcome spring! I was waiting for you for a long time. This is one of my favorite smoothie, because has strawberries. Love them. Great taste, very healthy, smooth drink.


– 1 banana

– 1 cup strawberries

– 100 ml water (rice milk, soya milk)

– mint leaves for decoration


Place the strawberries and banana in the blender in this order. Process until smooth and then add the water. Leave it for 1 or 2 hours and then serve it. Decorate it with mint leaves.Enjoy!



86 thoughts on “Strawberry and banana smoothie

  1. It is extremely doubtful that I could let this alone for 1-2 hours!!! Looks delicious and I just happen to have ONE BANANA in my refrigerator waiting to find just the right recipe to use it – it was getting pretty ripe out on the counter! Thanks!!!

    1. I’ll agree with you on that one… 1-2 hours? hehe.. I’m lucky if the smoothie hasn’t disappeared in 10 minutes after making it. Strawberry Banana is my daughter’s favourite kind.

  2. That’s pretty close to my breakfast every day, I add a scoop of vanilla protein powder and a handful of spinach. I share it with my little boy to make sure his little brain has enough nutrients to conquer Kindergarten.

  3. yum!! I love adding some yogurt and/or ice cream to my smoothies 🙂 I guess that does add a level of unhealthiness though… It’s funny because I made a strawberry banana smoothie for a video in 4th grade (first time ever making one!) and it has remained my favorite flavor combo since.


    -Jess (www.bloodymarytour.org)

  4. Well, I’ve been wondering what to do with the bananas and strawberries in my fridge (besides eat them raw). Tomorrow’s breakfast it is. I’ll link to you when I post on my blog.

  5. One of my favs. I change it up by using yogurt, almond milk, cranberry juice or whatever liquid is on hand. All seem to work.

  6. Thnx for following my blog! Just happened on your goulash recipe just about the time Hubby’s been talking about learning how to make it. We might just be trying yours. Thank you!

  7. This is a staple at my house so thank you for sharing it with the word press world. Try it with some Ginger for an added zing for your taste buds.

  8. Looks so delicious, I make similar smoothie but with 1/2 cup iced coconut milk instead of water, a slice of Lime, really delicious 👍

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