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Cooking at Home vs. Eating Out. What do you prefer?

I save money and time when I stay home and cook. Also, I eat healthier. But, what do you do when you can’t cook or your cooking is not good?

You keep trying and learn but sometimes are better and healthier eating out.

Cooking at home is a great way to spend with your kids. I involve my son in the process and he loves it. He wants to become a chef so I try to explain to him that he needs to start by helping me in the kitchen.

He loves to go out to restaurants to see how it actually works. In the places that I know the owner or the chef I take him in the kitchen and show him the life of a chef.

We come home and he starts envisioning his restaurant. I love him for his imagination.

Even if I like to cook I prefer eating out. I live in a small town and we have only restaurants that serve food from our area. Even if I go out my menu is limited. I usually have pizza or some food that takes a lot of time to make it.

At home, I cook healthier so when I go out I indulge myself with food that normally I don’t eat. I miss living in a big city. When I was living in London I use to love going out even it was very expensive. I will take my friends and go to Asian restaurants, Italian or try something new.

Camden Town market is a perfect spot to eat out. You have so many things to choose from.

What do you prefer?

125 thoughts on “Cooking at Home vs. Eating Out. What do you prefer?

  1. Both. Sometimes I just get tired of cooking and want someone else to do it, and I want a change in environment. There are certain foods that I know I could make if I put in the effort, like homemade pasta and sushi, but I would rather enjoy them at a restaurant.

    1. I agree as well!! I’m afraid of tainting the great flavor in these dishes if I were to make them myself. My skills are not that great (which I am trying to improve on).

      For me, I see eating out as a special occasion thing. For example, celebration of the end of a good week, birthdays, anniversaries, get togethers. Home cooked meals are when I want to build more meaningful and deeper relationships. Of course, there are times eating out can accomplish the same bonding time but in general, those are my views on home cooking and eating out.

  2. I more than love cooking and baking, I adore them. It gives me joy, pleasure, satisfaction. Sometimes it gets me out of bed, when nothing else does. It is nearly a meditation sometimes. Feeding people you love is another layer. Eating takes only the third place. Occasionally, but not often, I enjoy eating out, and on those occasions it is something I never cook at home. Cooking with grandkids is double the joy.

  3. Cooking at home really doesn’t grow old. But eating out can get that dull routine feeling. I think I’m going to begin cooking my hamburgers at home soon.

  4. It depends on what I am eating if I choose to make at home or go out. For instance, I find going out to a restaurant for a chowder is easier as I make way too much and just don’t have the freezer space to save it for later. Other foods I’d rather someone else made and gave me small portions of are Greek food, Crepes (They are just too much of a pain to make) and Sushi. As for foods I only eat at home: Meatloaf, Mac and Cheese, scalloped potatoes, Letosh, and most desserts as I eat a no-sugared added style.

  5. Eating in gives me peace of mind for peace of body but when I eat out, I love a Potbelly sandwich or fried chicken (on totally opposing ends of the spectrum, I know 😭)
    QUESTION: If I go get a hot meal from Mariano’s, I’d that eating out or in?

  6. There are foods, like dim sum, that take so much work to make that it seems to make sense to go out (one day, when it’s safe again…) to eat them. Others seem to always be tastier at home: I have yet to find a chocolate cake that can measure up to what we make at home, but then again, we are chocoholics (and it’s been a long long while since we’ve eaten out 🙂 )

  7. I very rarely eat out/in. I order in Chinese food. But I have to have managed to save a lot of money before I do that, because, generally, what it costs to get in Chinese will buy me food for a week at Aldi.
    But the other week when my electric bill came in and said I was in credit and had nothing to pay, I celebrated with Chinese.

  8. I love to cook my Jamaican food but my son doesn’t like to eat in, he like fast food. I have to force him to eat at home food. When I cook at home am the only one eating it. It’s just me and my son.

  9. We used to eat out at least once a week pre-pandemix and when I was working. Iove to cook but didn’t used to have a much time. Now that I’m retired I much prefer to eat at home … I cook almost every day, and frankly where I live I would like to eat outdoors and most places aren’t equipped for that. So now eating out is only for special occasions.

  10. My mum was a cook, and owned a big restaurant. Being born into such a family, I learnt to cook just like my other siblings.
    I rarely eat outside. I love cooking in my house.

  11. Most of my life I was eating in restaurants. It all started with my mother being a scientist. She had no interest in cooking but liked eating out in posh restaurants. Later on my long lecture tours I ate in restaurants and now not working any more I love eating at home. I love cooking together with my wive and Siri 🙂 and 🙂 Selma. Actually, we can’t cook that well but that doesn’t matter. Eating is not that important for us but cooking together is fun.
    Keep well
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Oh man, I usually look at home cooking as more for sustenance. The exception is when I want to make something special for my partner or friends. I trust what I can make more than what I’d typically get when I go out. Because of that, I do have a strong love for restaurants that are able to consistently deliver on taste and quality – I’m not worried about speed. There aren’t many of those kinds of restaurants but when you find them, it truly makes for an amazing time 😌.

    1. So true… Totally agree that ALOT of restaurants don’t understand consistency Or customer service which is a shame…

  13. I LOVE cooking and baking but I also love to go out to eat. Recently, my food allergies and sensitivities have gotten worse so I have been mostly cooking at home.

  14. Great article. I am a chef and love cooking even when I am home. I very rarely eat out and when I do I chose a small sushi restaurant that make great food. But since covid hit I have not eaten out and must say I do not miss it. I just love cooking and eating delicious food. I even do my own sushi now.

  15. I love cooking at home, but I’m also into eating out because I love different types of food. However, I have recently realized that cooking is not only a lot healthier but also more budget-friendly. Eating out frequently can be pretty expensive here in Japan.

    One more thing. When I cook, I get to have silly memories with my spouse in the kitchen, too, and it’s priceless 🙂

  16. I prefer cooking at home when I can! Definitely healthier choices, and I also do my best to involve my daughter. I still like to treat myself eating out every once in awhile 😀

  17. I like cooking but my daughter like fast husband is like to cook very much.he makes non veg food,which are excellent in taste.I mostly cook vegetables which are good in taste.everyday in dinner dal and rice is compulsory.and there is roti too.i like your article your cooking and specially your son is helping.I dont know your countries food but I hope it is as delicious as Indian food.But one thing is common we both ate is pizza.that is common fast food which I can relate with you.

  18. I prefer eating out. But I cook for 8 every night! Haha.

    The saving money part reminds me of something my mother said to me when I asked her how she was such a good cook when we were so poor and she didn’t have the internet to look up things. She said, “Honey, we were poor with good spices!” Lol

  19. Regularly I prefer home-cooked food.
    But I love eating out …
    At home, I usually cook known recipes. I do experiments only on weekends or for snacks 😀
    While eating out also, I always go for safer choices that I know I will like. I am not very good at trying new dishes!
    I do that only if I am not too hungry. 😀

  20. I like cooking at home, especially for a special occasions. It relaxes me; however, I am not very good at complex recipes. For example, I wanted to make the gingerbread house; I followed all the instructions and I throughout everything in the bin.

    Eating out is much fun; it is treating yourself. Is also enjoying the night without thinking about tidying up at the end of the evening. Also, I love to eat out because I choose my outfit, make-up, and accessories. Makes me feel outstanding.

  21. I think Cooking can be relaxing. Sometimes when I cook I get in a peaceful head space, it’s almost like i’m in auto pilot. It’s very calming . Eating out is much more of a convenience especially when all you have to do is eat. No washing, cleaning up e.t.c .
    If eating out was cheaper or free, I would cook wayy less.

  22. We love cooking all kinds of meals at home! We have certain nights where we’ll try our hand at a food from another culture, and we’ve found some hidden gems doing that. That being said though, sometimes it’s fun to just go out and eat somewhere fun or nice! By the way, thanks for checking out our blog on Hops n Guac!

  23. Hello, I am Zippy Maureen, I came to visit your blog following a like you put on one of my posts. Thanks for visiting my blog, being here is a blessing for me because I’ve gone through some of your posts and the comments made by other amazing women around the globe. Thanks for creating this special meeting place for women, it’s such a wonderful place, us women should always look for the essential that makes us who and what we really are. Keep the fire burning 🔥 👏🏻👏🏻

  24. I love to cook but I also enjoy trying food from other restaurants or diners. I eat out when I don’t know how to cook that specific dish (for example, sushi or dim sum). But eating out is expensive so my boyfriend and I try to limit it to 1 every 2 weeks, so that we could still enjoy food and stay within our budget. ^_^

  25. Yes…but sometimes eating out is not a healthier or a hygienic choice…whereas cooking at home is the most preferable but if you don’t know cooking then you can search recipes from YouTube and Google….Therefore I love cooking at home…

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