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How I got here?

A lot of you, my friends, asked me how I got to be a blogger.  I wrote a post about traffic, viewers and followers, but this post is more personal.  I always loved to write. In high school, I wrote a love book and poems. They published my poems in a group book when I was at University and it was a big surprise.

It had to pass a lot of years before I start writing again. Before starting this blog I had others, but this became the important one, the one that is so very close to my heart. I started it after a few months I became a mother and it felt so write.

It was about photography which I love very much and food and cooking which I start discovering when my son was born.  I made time for photography, I made time for the blog because was one of the moments I was doing something for myself, I was spending time with adults. All the mothers know that in the first year of your baby you spend less time with adults. I loved and still love to spend time with my baby, but sometimes I need a ME time and an adult time. Writing on the blog or taking photos of food was one of those moments.

As a photographer, you need to find your domain, because are so many types of photography. I did landscape, portraits, still life some sports, but never did food photography.  When I studied a Studio Photography course in London we did a lot of studio photos, but never food. Before starting this blog I never thought I will take food photos, because I knew they were a big challenge.

When my son was born, I started taking his portraits, but after a while he didn’t want to pose anymore, light was very bad or other problems. So I had to take photos of something else, because I needed to take photos, so in 2012 I started with a few lemons. I hated those photos so much that I almost cried.

After a few days I decided that I needed to start studying about food photography, because it wasn’t so easy. My settings were correct but my lemons weren’t telling me anything.  The story, the feeling that you want to eat those lemons, was missing.

So, it all began. Reading and practicing food photography, I started to like what I was doing.  Even now, I read a lot and shoot a lot, and I like only a few of my photos, but I still love to do that.

In time, I started to love cooking and baking, and I invented or readapt recipes. You will see on the blog how I got from 2012 to 2017, how I found a photographic style, how my improved, how I started to make difficult recipes and so on.

Every day was a challenge, every recipe was learning something new, each mistake was a trying to find other solution and every good photo was a victory.

I am still learning cooking which I found is very demanding and complicated sometimes. I do easy recipes most of the time, but sometimes I am just bold and try difficult recipes to test me. I know I have so much to learn in the kitchen, but in the same time looking back I am proud for everything I accomplished. I came a long way from some dull lemons to some great photos that actually look like all the great food photographers I admire.

And, the best compliment I get in the kitchen is when my son tells me that he loves the food I made or when my husband (which is a gourmand and loves good food) tells me he liked it, but when he doesn’t say anything I know he didn’t like it, but he ate it because he was hungry (ha ha ha).

So, here is my story, how I got to love to write about food and photography, how I got to love cooking and fell in love with food photography and how my son started to ask to let him take photos of food or helping me cooking.

I will continue to write on the blog about things I like, so if you have a blog or you want to start one, just write about what you like. It is the easiest thing to do. Make it personal, let it say something about yourself, let it be a journal.

Thank you all for being here with me for all this years. It is a privilege and an honor.  I wouldn’t be here without you all, without your support and love.

Have a great year and keep reading or writing!


117 thoughts on “How I got here?”

  1. Gabi, I am a fairly new follower of your blog, I don’t think for a year yet, but I always love to read your blog posts! So honest, so much you and just refreshing in this too perfect Instagram world. You are such a good photographer! Thank you for that and please continue!
    PS: Would you mind linking back to the post about followers, etc.?

  2. Being an adult again after children is something I fully understand, I was a stay at home father for a few years as my then wife could not stop her career. Your post struck a chord.

  3. I can totally relate to your experience of being a new mother and the isolation you felt while taking care of your son. The ‘ME’ time is important for mothers to find a balance between being a mom and a woman. I really enjoy your posts and your stories inspire me to don’t give up blogging and find ways to improve. Thanks for this inspiring post!

  4. Thanks Gabi for sharing how and why you started blogging. I have to say this part made me chuckle because it was so honest and I love lemons “I had to take photos of something else, because I needed to take photos, so in 2012 I started with a few lemons. I hated those photos so much that I almost cried.” I love everything you wrote here and your advice on treating blogging like a journal is what I have been thinking of doing and my latest post was just that. Please take a look if you have time:

    I am working on redesigning my blog theme as I really don’t like the current one. This is probably why I haven’t told my family and friends that I started a blog. I am not ready. I feel it’s not ready or maybe I want it to be perfect. Although I know perfection doesn’t exit, I certainly would like to have a nice looking blog like yours. Do you mind me asking what wordpress theme are you using? Or maybe you ca recommend one? There are s many to choose from, I feel overwhelmed. Thanks Gabi for any advice you may have.

  5. I can so relate to your post. My first blog I started when I was pregnant with my second son. It was my opportunity to write about being a mom and put those thoughts (joys and frustrations) down. I loved that blog, but it ran its course when the boys got older and life got busier. I started the one I write now because of the changes in our life and the fact that I missed writing about life for others to share with me.

  6. Great read and wonderful post! I love your photography and you were one of the first few bloggers I followed when I just started blogging about an year ago. Thank you so much for all your wonderful work , it is very inspiring!

  7. Inspiring post. I’ve had many blogs throughout the past eight years, and I’m always redesigning my page. I think the key is doing what you love, whether you get likes or not, comments or not.
    Looking forward to more visits in 2018.

  8. Visited this yesterday, Came back to this post to read properly with a coffee! Really resonated with me. Often with my blog and my head I wonder why I keep trying. You write a great blog, that’s very inspiring. Thanks for sharing

  9. No wonder you won a food photography award – your food photofraphy is just beautiful. I’m rather liking that Chocolate and Peanut Baklava too … but as I’m trying to lose weight, I’ll have to resist for a while yet!

  10. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. You have gone so far and I aspire to have such success with my blog as you! I love seeing your posts in my feed and especially your food photos 😍

  11. Oh Gabi this post is what I wanted to read!I have read your post very carefully and it was like you were talking to me in order to encourage me on food blogging!Straight to the heart and very honest!Thank you very much 😊

  12. I really appreciate your honesty! I can relate to the new mom thing, the lemons making you want to cry, and your willingness to keep going with your blog (and feeding your family!). Your photography and stories about your family are wonderful. I think my favorite story is about the green bananas. I’m glad I got to read a firsthand account of someone growing up in another country. And food is the universal thing to bring us together. Keep up the excellent work!

  13. I’m new to blogging and writing, however not new to food!! I love to eat! Oh and cook. Haha! I know I will get better over time, but its encouraging to see so many such as yourself find new passions and take them on with courage. Thanks for liking my recent post. This is a different world for me, but I’m looking forward to the challenge and the growth.

  14. I think I’ve told you before how great I think your photos are. As a relatively new blogger, I find shooting ‘post worthy’ pics is my greatest challenge that I agonise over and hope that with practise I will get better.

  15. your photos are very inspiring. I love taking photos, specially when I travel and shooting a post worthy photos of the places I visited, the food I ate is one of my challenges. I started blogging simply because I want to share my experience and learn from others as well. thanks for dropping by, and for inspiring me. have a great day.

  16. Great post, I studied design and worked as a magazine photographer for some time (mostly portraits, fashion and live music, as well as some documentary stuff). Although I’ve not really been doing very many professional shoots, it definitely gave me a good background when I came to start writing my blog! Although if I’m hungry the pictures can end up quite rushed 😹🙈

  17. Thank you for sharing the story of your blogging experience. I think you have achieved the goal you had when you first photographed those lemons – that of enticing you viewers to dig into the food. Great food photography, of which I have little knowledge but do admire and attempt on the recipe posts on my own blog, has a special power to invite others into your kitchen. It’s great that you found a place for yourself, apart from the demands of everyday life, in blogging, photography, and the kitchen. Those three avenues are some of the best for creativity!

  18. Great post, you’ve given me a lot of hope and inspiration – thank you. 2017 was a rough year and I’ve started my blog to mark a new chapter and outlet for me. I’m very new to it but have a passion for writing so thought why not!
    I look forward to following your future posts 🙂

  19. This is such s great story and I’m full of admiration for it. I’m never happy with the photos I take of my food it’s something I need to persevere at big time. I recently (4 days ago) started my blog and I feel the images make such a huge difference. Yours are fantastic and it’s always cool to here a story when u work and work and work and then u nail it.

  20. Thank you for this! ❤ As a new blogger (and a bit of a clutz in the kitchen) this was a really encouraging read. -Sarah

  21. I love this! You are totally correct about blogging something you enjoy and care about. That’s how i started my blog with writing things that I have experienced during my motherhood and just how to navigate through life as a mother but keeping the “girl” you have inside satisfied.

    If anyone is interested, please take a peak at my blog

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