My 10 countries with great food

I love food and I love to travel. Every corner of this world has amazing new dishes that I never heard or taste. I know I am not gone get to all the countries in this world and try their food, but I know I am gone try. I got lucky to see beautiful countries and eat some great traditional food. There are places that are so dear to me, that I will visit again someday.

With great scenery, beautiful people and amazing food, these places made me want to see even more of the world. We all have our lists in our head about places to see, dishes to eat, things to do, etc. This is my special list with the top 10 countries that I fell in love and the food I tried there. I would love to see your list. I am so sure I will find new destinations and food to try.

  1. Iceland – I love all the Nordic countries, but Iceland is just “THE ONE”. I would love to go back there and stay 1 year or more and try everything. I was lucky to go on a hiking trip to Glymur Waterfall (the highest waterfall in the country), see the Blue Lagoon, the dramatic landscape at Þingvellir (Thingvellir), Reykjavik and other places. We ate Kæstur hákarl (cured shark), whale and we drank a strange drink, very strong named Brennivin, which is a type of vodka made from distilled potatoes and also called svarti dauði (“Black Death”). I loved everything and I am ready to try more.  GAB_3076_m_res
  2. Alaska – I want to move there for a few years. Live in the wild, take photos and just forget about the world. I would eat all day gumbo, crab, salmon and drink beer. Or maybe most of the time. Anyway, is on my list to go back. GAB_0276_det_res
  3. Helsinki, Finland – The best vegan burger I had in my entire life. It was in a small bar (I can’t remember the name) and it was very expensive. But it was worth it. After seeing Porvoo and Helsinki, a lunch with a huge burger is a must.
  4. Mexico – Wow! Spicy and full of flavor, Mexican cuisine is amazing. Imagine that I start eating spicy so I could eat in Mexico. I liked so much the landscape, the history and the food. Tried so many new dishes that I can’t remember the names. Mexico is on my list to go back and stay for 1 or 2 years. Get me some tequila! I am dreaming while I write this list. GAB_0614_det_res
  5. Tallinn – The Capital of Estonia, this amazing old town is a magical place. Drinking honey beer and eating “venison” (I hope is the right term) is a must. Some beautiful dishes there that you need to try. GAB_3188_res
  6. Austria – Been so many times in Austria, it feels like I have a grandmother there. Hiking or skiing, this beautiful country has gorgeous landscapes and great food. It is very close to our cuisine, so maybe that’s why is in my top. GAB_9716_sh_res
  7. Belgium – Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! And I know I said everything. In a small shop, in the heart of Brussels, I had the beast hazelnut chocolate spread ever. I close my eyes and I am in that shop eating breakfast right now. There was a small shop with 4 tables and you could have breakfast, freshly made while you were choosing your chocolate spread to take home with you. I bought 6 jars with different flavors and I ran out of money. Bonus: in every bar you go you get a “BOOK” for beer, instead of a menu. They have so many types of beers that you will need a very long vacation to try just a few of them.
  8. France – French cuisine is renowned for being one of the finest in the world. I am just gone say that croissants early in the morning are to die for, drink champagne and wine and not water and all the traditional recipes will keep you there for some years. If you love food you will love France.
  9. Caribbean Islands – Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Antigua, Belize, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands are just a few islands that I saw. They have an interesting cuisine with sweet dishes which was something new for me. Rice, fish, pork, beans, stews made with vegetables that I never saw in my life were a novelty. I would go back and try to eat more dishes and learn about their cuisine. GAB_0970_res
  10. Asian food – is on my list even I never been to Asia. Why? Because I ate Asian Food made by Asian people, who knew what they were doing and I loved it. It is so different from all the food that I ate, so it must be on my list. There are a few countries that I want to see and if you have been there I would love your input.


So, this is my list. Everywhere I went I tried traditional dishes. It is a personal list and doesn’t mean that I hate the ones that are not on the list. I will need a few days to make a list with all countries and the food that I liked. I am not a chef or a food critique so keep that in mind when you read this list. I am so very open to suggestions.



122 thoughts on “My 10 countries with great food”

  1. Interesting post – it has to be Greece, Italy and India for me. I found Iceland an interesting choice, I have never associated it with food – food for thought and lovely photos

  2. Of course I like this list 🙂
    My best of probably Greece. And dissapointment Italy Como. Pasta was warmed in microwave oven……:(

    1. The only great food that I had in Rome was pasta Carbonarra. The rest that I tried were more touristic than traditional. That is a problem with lots of places around the world. They adapt the recipe for tourists.

      1. Yes you probably right. This is the first rule: find place full of local people 🙂 but in the city you do not know, this is not easy at all

      2. The place I ate that good pasta was a very small family tavern with house wine and great people working there. They were all related and had just 10 tables. They had recipes from grandmother and she was there to supervise. It felt like eating home. I would go back there anytime.

    2. h how disappointing for you both, I have had amazing food in Tuscany and copied some of the recipes in my blog – check out my wild boar pasta, but we did it in small rural villages so not many tourists around. I’ll see if I can find the post and reblog it x

      1. I know. I will return in Italy. I discover that the good food is not in the big cities and the best way to eat great food is to know someone from that place. I had 2 friends in Greece and they show me the non touristic beaches and the good places to eat good food.

      2. Italy is big. And I got good food as well 🙂 and I do know nobody who know nobody who do not like Italian food 🙂

  3. A variety of different tastes are found in Asia as you must be aware. What was the Asian food you tried already?

    We love Thai, and Japanese (of course). 🙂 Vietnamese, Taiwanese (Chinese), and then the Sri Lankan and Indian are also quite nice on occasion.

    Maldivian food is super simple, and is mainly Skipjack, and Yellow fin tuna based. Sea food is superb. 🙂

  4. I love this post! ❤️ For going to Asia, you should visit Japan! 🇯🇵 There is such a wide variety of foods and although it is likely there will be things you won’t like, there will probably be many things you will enjoy and the experience will be amazing! ❤️

  5. Thank you for sharing your journey, I look forward to seeing more. Although I haven’t traveled extensively, I feel I have through your eyes, your description and your photos. I can’t thank you enough for sharing. As for cuisine, I have always tried to cook a variety of food from other countries (I usually use authentic recipies) and it’s a complete delight.

  6. Yum! It does help that all these countries are also insanely beautiful as well! I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland, Belgium and Austria. They are a treat to the eyes AND the stomach haha! I definitely stuff myself whenever my family goes on our annual summer trip to Korea – Asian food will always have a special place in my stomach ha! Thanks for sharing and hope you’re staying safe if Storm Stella hit you! xo, Steph

  7. Such an interesting and diverse list!! I’m Italian and though I’ve been exposed to quite a few dishes by my grandmother, I’d love to someday visit the actually place and eat authentically!! I’m also really interested in anything Korean related and would love to try food from there!! They eat such big an healthy meals! 🙂

  8. What an interesting, inspiring and lovely list. How blessed you are to have been exposed to such wonderful corners of the world! Wishing you continued safe and beautiful travels, and good eats 😉

  9. Thai food all the way for me, also the country. Love the place have to stop myself keep going back as so many other places to visit. Love Mexican food too, but have yet to go to Mexico, and agree the food is always better in its own country cooked by locals. Off to rural France next week, I’ve only ever been to Paris, where the food had been pretty amazing, be interesting to trying​ rural cuisine.

  10. What a great list of places! I’d love to go to each of these. I’ve been to Mexico twice, Jamaica and France you are right about French cooking! One of finest I. The world alone with Italian which, is my favorite!
    I’d love to read more about the food in these places!

  11. Great post! Will have to add the ones i haven’t been to my list! Have you gone to Peru? After I came back from that trip, the food was basically tasteless, the cuisine over there is incredible! Tons of flavours, incredible grains and just lots of history!

  12. Mexico, Belgium, and France I get. Never would have thought of Iceland, Alaska, Estonia. Actually, never even thought much about Iceland, Alaska, Estonia – let alone there cuisine. Thanks!

  13. Interesting list with some surprises such as Iceland, Finland, Estonia and Alaska though I wholly agree with your picks of Mexico, France, Belgium and Austria.

  14. Loved this post, looks like I have a lot of places to visit + eat up! I ended up being absolutely in love with the food in Budapest, it’s some of the best I’ve ever eaten, even simple things like omelets were fantastic.

  15. What a great post. I Ilved in Korea for two years and still cook a lot of Korean food, it’s a favorite. I also love Mexican food. One advantage to being an Englsu as Second Language teacher is students want to share their food traditions, so I’ve had food frm parts of Mexico I haven’t visited. I also like Afghan food thanks to my students but it is not a place I’m likely to travel. One at the top of my list is Jamaica. Food there is so fresh and flavorful. Most of it is very healthy too. Jamaica is also very beautiful, I think you would enjoy a visit there.

  16. Great article…loved it! To experience the unbelievable in Asian cuisine, you have to eat Japanese food, in Japan!!! I’m sure you’ll want to make it number 1 on your new list 🙂

  17. Asian cuisine is a gross misnomer. The cuisine from Japan, China, India, South-east Asia are vastly different from one another. In fact, Indian cuisine in itself is so diverse that it will blow you mind and send your gastronomic senses reeling. India is a scenic and gastronomic delight. Do visit and pamper your taste-buds.

  18. Great post and I concur with many of your picks! My brother lives in Alaska and while visiting I’ve had crab fresh from the Bering Sea, shrimp straight out of Prince Edward Sound, salmon we caught in the Kenai River and halibut I caught near Ninilchik on the Cook Inlet. Alaskan seafood is the best I’ve had ANYWHERE I’ve traveled. Belgium is on my list too! After we got back from that trip I couldn’t eat “normal” food for a week.

  19. Hi there. I really like your blog. There is a simplicity and honesty in the way you write and your pictures are fantastic too! I love traveling and my favourite activity to do is to eat the local food! Italy had fantastic food and Pakistan has the most mouth watering kebabs, naans and currie you will ever taste!

  20. Moroccan Food, I’m dying to try some camped next to a camel on the Atlas Mountains. Or in a gorgeous tiled courtyard with thinking water fountains, out of a huge communal tajine dish. I try to make it at home (I own 2 tajines) but I’m sure the real thing is amazing.

  21. Wow! What a great site and great photos! All about great food too!

    Where’s my favourite? Has to be home cooked food! Or, food cooked on a stove in the wilds of the countryside when we camp, or on the beach after a hard day playing in the sand and surf.

    In Europe, I have to stray towards Greece and its simplicity washed down with some Retsina!

    All the while though the best eateries are those small tucked away places off the tourist trails. Those ones that are one or two roads back from the main street.

    Strangest I had was in Zimbabwe – offered and ate barbecued Giraffe!

  22. All hail to Belgian chocolate and beer. Even when travelling to the most delicious corners of this earth, after a while I crave those things from home. Loved your post! Still lots to try out in this world :).

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