My 10 countries with great food

I love food and I love to travel. Every corner of this world has amazing new dishes that I never heard or taste. I know I am not gone get to all the countries in this world and try their food, but I know I am gone try. I got lucky to see beautiful countries and eat some great traditional food. There are places that are so dear to me, that I will visit again someday.

With great scenery, beautiful people and amazing food, these places made me want to see even more of the world. We all have our lists in our head about places to see, dishes to eat, things to do, etc. This is my special list with the top 10 countries that I fell in love and the food I tried there. I would love to see your list. I am so sure I will find new destinations and food to try.

  1. Iceland – I love all the Nordic countries, but Iceland is just “THE ONE”. I would love to go back there and stay 1 year or more and try everything. I was lucky to go on a hiking trip to Glymur Waterfall (the highest waterfall in the country), see the Blue Lagoon, the dramatic landscape at Þingvellir (Thingvellir), Reykjavik and other places. We ate Kæstur hákarl (cured shark), whale and we drank a strange drink, very strong named Brennivin, which is a type of vodka made from distilled potatoes and also called svarti dauði (“Black Death”). I loved everything and I am ready to try more.  GAB_3076_m_res
  2. Alaska – I want to move there for a few years. Live in the wild, take photos and just forget about the world. I would eat all day gumbo, crab, salmon and drink beer. Or maybe most of the time. Anyway, is on my list to go back. GAB_0276_det_res
  3. Helsinki, Finland – The best vegan burger I had in my entire life. It was in a small bar (I can’t remember the name) and it was very expensive. But it was worth it. After seeing Porvoo and Helsinki, a lunch with a huge burger is a must.
  4. Mexico – Wow! Spicy and full of flavor, Mexican cuisine is amazing. Imagine that I start eating spicy so I could eat in Mexico. I liked so much the landscape, the history and the food. Tried so many new dishes that I can’t remember the names. Mexico is on my list to go back and stay for 1 or 2 years. Get me some tequila! I am dreaming while I write this list. GAB_0614_det_res
  5. Tallinn – The Capital of Estonia, this amazing old town is a magical place. Drinking honey beer and eating “venison” (I hope is the right term) is a must. Some beautiful dishes there that you need to try. GAB_3188_res
  6. Austria – Been so many times in Austria, it feels like I have a grandmother there. Hiking or skiing, this beautiful country has gorgeous landscapes and great food. It is very close to our cuisine, so maybe that’s why is in my top. GAB_9716_sh_res
  7. Belgium – Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! And I know I said everything. In a small shop, in the heart of Brussels, I had the beast hazelnut chocolate spread ever. I close my eyes and I am in that shop eating breakfast right now. There was a small shop with 4 tables and you could have breakfast, freshly made while you were choosing your chocolate spread to take home with you. I bought 6 jars with different flavors and I ran out of money. Bonus: in every bar you go you get a “BOOK” for beer, instead of a menu. They have so many types of beers that you will need a very long vacation to try just a few of them.
  8. France – French cuisine is renowned for being one of the finest in the world. I am just gone say that croissants early in the morning are to die for, drink champagne and wine and not water and all the traditional recipes will keep you there for some years. If you love food you will love France.
  9. Caribbean Islands – Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Antigua, Belize, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands are just a few islands that I saw. They have an interesting cuisine with sweet dishes which was something new for me. Rice, fish, pork, beans, stews made with vegetables that I never saw in my life were a novelty. I would go back and try to eat more dishes and learn about their cuisine. GAB_0970_res
  10. Asian food – is on my list even I never been to Asia. Why? Because I ate Asian Food made by Asian people, who knew what they were doing and I loved it. It is so different from all the food that I ate, so it must be on my list. There are a few countries that I want to see and if you have been there I would love your input.


So, this is my list. Everywhere I went I tried traditional dishes. It is a personal list and doesn’t mean that I hate the ones that are not on the list. I will need a few days to make a list with all countries and the food that I liked. I am not a chef or a food critique so keep that in mind when you read this list. I am so very open to suggestions.



122 thoughts on “My 10 countries with great food

  1. You should definitely come to Korea (South of course :-D) and taste EVERYTHING. There is an abundant mix of every taste and as we’re called the “Irish of Asia” you should definitely check out our traditional alcoholic drinks though you’re not forced to :-P.

  2. Singapore is one of my favourites. It has a wonderful mixture of Asian cuisines all its own, starting with Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Indian.

  3. Hi beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my site again. Alaska is awesome. The secret: take the Ferry out of Seattle. By the way, Alaska also has great steaks and Barbeque, it’s North but it’s still a Western town. The Salmon speaks for itself.

    Peace be the Botendaddy

  4. Tallin is at the top of my travel list (for when my kids are a little older and I can either take them with me or it’s not such a big deal to leave them for a few days). It looks beautiful! Good tips on the food. When we visited Thailand, the seafood was spectacular. I also loved that one hotel we stayed in served a huge buffet for breakfast, including dim sum. Mmmm…

  5. In Helsinki, you would want to try traditional dishes like moose meatballs and the numerous rye breads that taste great. Fresh lake fish is fantastic. (land of the lakes). A vegan burger is not standard fare. I know because I am from Finland.

    1. Thank you for your information. I know is not standard at all, but I remember being a very good burger. Finland is one of the countries I would visit in the future. I would love if you could tell e more about your dishes. Thank you

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