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Cucumber and caviar

If you wanna impress your guest with a very easy recipe, who looks very hard to do, here it is. Because of the caviar it’s a little bit expensive, but if you look at the photography you will see that it makes all the money.

This is a french recipe. After I saw it at TV, I wanted to do it for a long time but I couldn’t find time. I thought it will be difficult, but it was such an easy recipe to do.  You can do it any day but will look great at a special event.


1 long cucumber

2 tablespoons caviar

50 g sour cream


With the vegetable peeler start slicing the cucumber from one side like you will peel it and continue doing so till you got to the half of the cucumber. Turn the cucumber upside down and do the same thing. After you done, start rolling the thin and long slice  and pit it on a serving plate. If it doesn’t stay use a toothpick to hold it together. With a teaspoon, put on each slice of cucumber a little sour cream and then the caviar.


You can serve it after you done or keep it in the fridge for 30 min. Enjoy!


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