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World Health Day – 7 April 2017

This year’s theme is depression. Depression affects people of all ages and in all the countries. Depression can be prevented or treated. In the worst case, depression can lead to suicide.

Talking to people you can trust can be a first step towards recovery. More than 300 million people are now living with depression.

I am not a doctor to tell you how to deal with your mind. All I can say is if you are not feeling good or something bad happen to you go see a doctor.

Don’t be scared. It’s not helping you at all. I was depressed after I dam my baby. I got lucky and it was just for a few weeks and not very bad. I read about it when I was pregnant and I said it will never happen to me because I am a happy person and an optimistic one. But it happen. And it was bad. So it could happen to anyone. So take care of yourself!


22 thoughts on “World Health Day – 7 April 2017

  1. 1 in 3 persons suffer from mental health problems of some sort or other during their lifetime, and unfortunately there’s still this social stigma attached to it. If you don’t stigmatise someone for breaking their leg, why do it for depression? And the best way to combat this is to encourage dialogue. Thanks for posting this 🙂

  2. Excellent post! Depression is still stigmatized by the general public, so sharing your personal experience like this humanizes the people who have it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a wonderful post. It’s so important for people to understand that mental illness is as important as physical illness. I’ve been suffering from depression for a while now, and I very much appreciate you taking the time to bring the subject to light.

  4. This hits home so much to me , I’m going through a similar experience, and have just started blogging about it

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