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We need food, quality food for a quality life. I love food. Don’t get me wrong, I am not eating till I pass out kind of love. Is more of a eating a delicious meal kind of love.

Eating good food in a healthy quantity is my philosophy.

I love trying new meals, new fruits or vegetables. Living in a small city in a small country, I discover almost every day new great things about food, and with internet and all the information out there, is so easy to educate yourself about it.

I always had this love for food, for the ingredients, for the cooking process and for the presentation.

George Bernard Show said “There is no sincerer love than love of food”.

I have food that I tried and I didn’t like it. I am teaching my son to taste the food and discover the love for it. Sometimes it takes time to appreciate a meal but sometimes you just fell in love with a meal.

I love food because brings family and friends together. We bond other a barbeque or a holiday dinner, or just a simple gathering.

I love food because we have so many choices: Chinese, Italian, Greek, Mexican, etc. Every day could be a different meal.

And most of all, I love food because I can cook it, I can make new recipes, I can improvise, I can make something special and unique, healthy for me and my family. Made with love, food will have a part of you and it will make you feel great.

So keep loving food!