Collaboration with Sweet Spell

Sweet Spell  invited me to participate in a collaborations. The theme of the first week were the cakes and I participated with my  Cake with pears for autumn days . The other cakes are definitely noteworthy, therefore I invite you to look at them.

If you want to participate, email me and I will give you information and help.

sweet cakes

Honey mandarin orange cake

Orange and chia cake with sugared rosemary

Date cake

The taste of paradise in a cake

Buckwheat cake with jam filling



22 thoughts on “Collaboration with Sweet Spell

  1. Hello! Thank you for stopping my MyBeautifulIdeal and liking my “Sort of Spicy Chili/Vegetable Soup post. The soup is pretty good…but your cakes look even better!

  2. Thanks so much for participating and featuring the cake that I made! It means a lot especially as you know what a huge fan I am of yours. I hope we can work together again in the future!

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