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Black or white background in food photography

Mood in food photography (or really anything) would be set with different tools. Today I am gone show you how white or black background can change the feeling of an image, the mood.

Will backgrounds enhance the look of the food, or distract from it? You will be the judge of that. I always say that we are subjective when it comes to art. So, let me say that I start loving so much dark background. I am not saying that I hate white backgrounds, just that I love using more the dark ones. Gives me the mood that I really feel in that right moment.

With the same food is easy to  see the difference in the mood, or at least, try to see what you like best.


When you take photos for a client, you need to consider what the client wants, but when you take photos for yourself, you can play around with backgrounds and choose the one you like more. Some food looks better on darker backgrounds, other on white. Some bloggers choose to take photos with a single background, other are playing around. If you are not decided on the background try different ones. Sometimes, you will be surprise about the result.




spinach dip



Good luck and good light, and, don’t forget to make time for your food photography.

104 thoughts on “Black or white background in food photography

  1. Beautiful photos as always! Yes indeed it depends on the mood as well. Strawberries look amazing in any background (wood, white or black) but depending on the colours different backgrounds may work better. The important element is the light 😀

  2. This is really helpful. I’ve never though about using a dark background before, somehow I got it into my head that I was only aloud to use a light background!

  3. Hi there, yet again such good photos and such good tips (to those of us still struggling)! Thanks for showing so clearly the effects of backgrounds, so often a neglected subject.
    You are such a clever little bunny, really inspirational.

    Cheers Mimsey

  4. Very nice post. I am always in two minds about the background. I want to learn how to blur out the background. Please let me know if possible. Any particular app.

      1. I will be waiting for that post. I seriously need to improve my photography skills. If possible please pop onto my blog and have a look at my pictures. Are they amateurish or ok. Any suggestions?

  5. This post was so helpful! Thank you so much for stopping by. I am looking forward to more posts on photography too. You have a fabulous blog!

  6. New to blogging, very new to photographing food (who new it would be so challenging?!) I’m headed to discount stores today for different colored dishes, dish towels, etc. What types of things do you use for your “under-dish” surfaces?

  7. Wow! I can’t get over how stunningly gorgeous your pictures are. I need to work on my photography skills, particularly lighting (I think from my limited experience). You have given me something to aspire to. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for showing the different types of background, it really helped me see the change of mood it can have! I’ll definitely try a darker background soon, as I tend to only have light background for my food photography 🙂

    Have a nice day!

  9. Thank you for the amazing tips..I’m new to blogging and can never make my dishes look as good as they do normally in pics. Will surely try this trick for my next post!

  10. It is interesting how the simplest of changes can make the same thing look so different. The same thing goes for choosing the color to paint a room.

    I like all the photographs but my favorite of these of those on the lighter background.

  11. As a newbie vegan starting a fresh local vegan blog, I am learning the art of food photography.
    Step One: Remember to take photos before the first bite!
    Step Two: All of the other stuff that makes photo magic!

    This is such a necessary article, thanks for sharing it!

    Greens & Gratitude,
    You Saucy Vegan

  12. I like all articles in your Food Photography Tips. Really great tips ! Thank you for sharing !

  13. Interesting post! I would love to take better photos for my blog. I am a better cook than photographer.

  14. Many thanks for your explanatory posts on food photography, appreciate it a lot.
    I read all your posts on photography as I am an amateur in this field, started blogging a month ago. A long way to go, feel fortunate to have run into your very useful blog.
    Thank you very much for stopping by my blog,, it means a lot for a novice like me!
    Take care

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