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Cucumber and cheese

party snackWe are so close to Christmas and I am so happy. This is my favorite holiday, and this year will be even better with my new little boy around. In my family, we celebrate Christmas big time and this is great. So I will show you some party snacks great to have around for guest, easy to make and really great looking.  So here are some cucumber and cheese. Sounds boring, but check the recipe. It’s something different. You can serve it with the caviar recipe.


1 long cucumber

1 tablespoon cumin

50 g  blue cheese

50 g brie cheese


In a bowl mix brie cheese, blue cheese and cumin. Cut the cucumber in 5 cm pieces and every piece in half.  Pick each piece to make space for cheese. Add the cheese and decorate with pomegranate seeds. Serve it fresh or put it 1 hour in the fridge. You can also peel the cucumber, but I think it looks better on the plate the other way. Enjoy!


15 thoughts on “Cucumber and cheese

  1. Mmmm that looks and sounds amazing. I love cheese, but being on a diet I may pinch your idea and replace with a low fat soft cheese and maybe add some herbs too …. Ive just never thought of adding cheese like this,
    to cucumber for a tasty snack! Thank you 🙂

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