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Chia seeds, kefir and sour cherry syrup

Chia seeds with kefir and sour cherry syrup One of the good things in life is good food. When I was a kid I never thought about bad food or good food. I ate everything we got because we did not have plenty of food. I was a student and I ate lots of potatoes… Continue reading Chia seeds, kefir and sour cherry syrup

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Chia seeds pudding in layers

I know is just only spring and we don't have all the fruits we want, but, this recipe works so well with frozen fruits or fresh fruits. I put my favorite fruits in the freezer, so, when I want to make something with fruits I just take them out and leave them in the fridge… Continue reading Chia seeds pudding in layers

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Bread with chia and flax seeds

This bread recipe is more than a recipe, it's a way of thinking, a natural way of living. In our world, almost everything comes prepackaged. Less things are natural and healthy. So why don't we start living and eating a little more healthier?  Maybe it's a touch stone to our past - to those days not… Continue reading Bread with chia and flax seeds