Jolly weekend


Today I am gone tell you about my wonderful weekend with wonderful people. The only recipe you will get this time is a recipe for love and good.

This weekend we gather a few good hearted people and had a charity campaign. It is almost Christmas, so we wanted to make a beautiful Christmas for less fortunate kids too. Our friend got lots of letters for Santa with lots of wishes from the little ones: sweets, toys, Christmas tree, etc. We start announcing the campaign 3 weeks before, so people will have time to prepare the gifts.


So Saturday, in the middle of the day, with hot tea, candies and cookies, we waited for the gifts. We did this last year, too. This year we were more organized.

Sunday was even busier, with more people donating money and presents. We had fun both days! We collected over 100 gifts that will make a lot of kids very happy.

It was an amazing weekend with amazing people. Be happy! Make other people happy!






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