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Painted background


Together with my son (6 years old) I made this background for my food photos. Very cheap and easy to make, this background helped us spending quality time.

With a piece of hard cardboard and some paint sky is the limit. I already use it for a few photos.

I hope you like it.


I start to like it more and more. For a few years I only used dark backgrounds, but now, I am thinking to go for colored ones too.

So, paint your own backgrounds because is fun and easy and not expensive at all.



127 thoughts on “Painted background

  1. It’s a great idea! Colorful enough to attract the eye, yet not so much that it detracts from what you set before it. Very cool. Also a good way to know if it’s your picture in case someone else uses it and crops out your watermark!

  2. The best part is your mention of spending quality time with your little one. That right there makes the whole project worthwhile. Thanks for sharing!

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