Happy Birthday, Bucovina!



21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Bucovina!

  1. I enjoy hearing the names you mention in your posts which remind me of conversations heard among my parents and their friends about the ‘old country’. Lovely food and scenery.

  2. Hi Gabi. I was so pleased to ‘find’ you very recently. I was in Bucovina last summer, and the summer before, and … . I lived in Suceava for a few years but now when I visit (with my Romanian wife) we stay with friends near Campulung Moldovenesc. We are now trying to move from a beautiful part of the UK, the Yorkshire Dales, to Bucovina permanently – for us it is just ‘heaven on earth’ – the people, the scenery and, of course, the food! Would you believe that the best ciorbă de burtă I ever ate was in the railway station at Gura Humorului, in about 1995? I see you live in Gura Humorului. We try to make Bucovina recipes here but we don’t have the wonderful natural ingredients you have there so though good they are never as good as with a cook in Bucovina. I hope you and all people from Bucovina had a wonderful day on Ziua Bucovinei.

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