Why photography?

cherry flowers

So often I can’t give a straight answer to this question. Even I think a lot about it, there are so many things bounded together that is hard to give an answer in a few words.

I discovered photography as a game, playing with a camera, outside in the nature. From there, it went to addiction.  After reading and testing the settings of the camera, all I had to do was to be creative, or try to be as creative as I can be.

So, why photography?

To fill an empty space in my soul with beautiful moments, moments  that only I can see them the way I want them…

To relieve happy little bits of life pieces over and over again…

For my loneliness that so often comes and steal minutes and hours from my life…

For the love of being there in that moment, in a split second of a time that stops for me…

To see something beautiful every day…

To embrace a freedom of living…



69 thoughts on “Why photography?

  1. Your photographs are beautiful and your reasons for taking them are your own. What more could you ask from your creativity.

  2. Photography … capturing a brief moment in time for posterity. Sometimes it takes a lot of planning to get everything right so that you can do so. Other times, it’s a matter of having a camera in your hand and knowing how to use it well enough that you can do so and knowing that moment is there. 🙂

    Food photography is about as much as I’ve gotten into practicing the art.

  3. Beautiful post! I think photography, and now food photography (which I am happily submerging myself into) is such a rewarding subsection of the photography world, especially when you make all the food yourself. Your photographs are stunning, by the way.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful post. Photography and poetry! My own experience with photography is that it expands my ability to observe. So often I focus on what I want to see at the moment. When I look at my photos later, I realize how much I missed.

  5. I enjoy taking photos and capturing the moment too, especially in my garden with seasonal changes and documenting the growth of plants. Herbs in particular this year, can’t decide if I have a herb garden or a weed garden as they are too small to tell 🙂

  6. Your photographs are beautiful – I really hope to improve my food photography for my blog.
    What would be your one best tip to start with?

  7. Actually, I was asked so many times “why did you picked photography?” “why do you do that?” and I always came with one right answer; because it captures the moments in which we’ll never be present again.
    If you have some time, please visit my blog and let me know what you think of my photography, I’d really appreciate it.
    Greetings from Croatia!

  8. Thank you so much! I always try to visit other places for my photography and modeling work just to make it more fun. The studio is sometimes boring.
    Thank you again for your words, you are followed! 🙂
    Peace and love!

  9. At the end, photography is the channel or a way to guard the moments we want, to keep them safe, and a way to live them again. Is a way to express ourselves without words.
    I loved how you describe your perception of photography!

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