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Guest post about vegetables

Check my guest post about Vegetables on Tangy Review. Thank you, Aparna. It was a great opportunity to write a guest post on your blog. Check also the other articles. You will learn a lot about food.

13 thoughts on “Guest post about vegetables

  1. What a wonderful post and pics! I’m the veggie girl of Tasty Recipes and I really love all vegetables ^^ Glad I stumbled upon your blog.

  2. Such a beautiful post. Your photography is stunning. It was interesting to read about the limitations you faced with regards to exposure to vegetables and why.

    I had somewhat limited exposure to a diversity of produce, but due more to geography and access to foods (I grew up in Northern Canada). I think asparagus was one of the hardest for me to adjust to at first. Strangely, it is now my #1 veggie (I should warn you, broccoli is my #2 – ha ha).

    I just noticed your Food photography tips category and am heading there next. Thanks!

  3. What a gorgeous blog! Its wonderful that as we get older, we can get better & better, trying new things. I’m lucky that my parents really enjoyed fresh produce, not just canned, frozen, fried, sweetened, and oversalted stuff. Their excitement over what was in season was infectious. I’m sure its why I love veggies & fruits. As a little kid, I could eat 3 peaches at a time!

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