Fish and memories


This story is about family, about spending time together, about life being short and other good feelings. My dad used to love fishing and skiing. In the winter, he would go fishing on frozen lakes. It was so relaxing for him, and I will never understand how he could stay in -20 degrees Celsius, dressed with lots of clothes, and sometimes catch a few small fish. Only a fisherman will understand.


Anyway, those photos I took last fall, when my dad came from fishing. He waited for me and my son to come to his house and look at the fish. He kept them alive in a bucket and wait for his nephew to see and, then, he explained to him how he got them and what he will do with them.

My son loved it. It was a great time for all of us. Alex (my son) will play with the fish and my dad will clean them for my mom to cook. I was watching them and had an amazing feeling.


Before my mom got to cooked the fish, I had time to play with the fish in my own way. Enjoy the photos! Natural light , around 11 am (not a very good hour for photography ) in my dad yard.

I will always remember my dad and our time spend together. Last time I saw my dad before he died, he just cut a fish in pieces and my mom cooked fish for my son. Alex will go to my mom or dad and scream “fish”, till he got a plate of small fish,  crunchy with a garlic sauce.


I have lots of memories with my dad, and all are so great. I am just sad that he couldn’t stay more with us so we can make more amazing memories. He will be so missed!



53 thoughts on “Fish and memories

  1. these don’t look like any fish we have around here. what are they? i’m not a fish person, so excuse my dumb question. A couple of years ago, I stocked a few of our ponds with a mix of breeds to ‘balance’ the ecosystem – well that’s the plan anyway. Should be able to fish out of them this spring! Ice fishing is for tough people! Great photos!

    1. I am not a fisherman so I had to look on internet about name of this fish: barbel or chub. I remember my dad telling me about this fishes, but I am not sure which one is it. I like that you have a pond.

  2. This brought back memories of the wonderful river fish eaten in Romania. I did manage to find a carp here in the UK for Revelion (New Year’s Eve), I even photographed and posted about it, but delicious as it was it couldn’t compare with one freshly caught from the River Prut. I ‘liked’ this from my photo blog too – just for the superb photos.

  3. Hi! I noticed that you liked my first post on My Aldi Cookbook. Thanks very much for that. I will be adding more everyday.

    I really enjoyed reading a few of your articles. I am not a photographer but I understand that taking photographs of food must be difficult. It’s not dynamic nor responsive to instructions.

    Followed 🙂

    Best wishes

    Lulu at My Aldi Cookbook

  4. My dad passed away when I was sixteen, so this really rang true for me. We only got to go fishing together a few times, but our time of peace and connecting was playing crib. I never beat him, not once, but I wouldn’t have traded any of those losses for the world. Thank you for your story.

  5. A lovely story, and lovely photos. What kind of fish are they? It is wonderful that your father got to share his passion with your son before he passed away, memories like those stay with you for life. My love for cooking definitely came from my grandmother. xx

    Thanks for the like on by the way 🙂

  6. I am glad to see a food blogger who is preserving family food memories because it is important to share them with our children. Children with good memories become better adults!

  7. great shots of the fish. i’m sorry to hear about the passing of your dad. may in the future you get to have new experiences with your family, involving fish/fishing, to keep your fond memories of your dad alive.

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